Gears 6 Will Be Reportedly Announced At Xbox Showcase This Year

Himel Mahmud
By Himel Mahmud
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Credit: Xbox

New leaks have claimed that Xbox is reportedly planning to tease Gears 6 this Summer.

According to journalist Jeff Grubb, Microsoft and Xbox are planning to tease Gears 6 at the Xbox Showcase later this year. During the Kinda Funny Xbox podcast ‘Xcast,’ Grubb stated that the game would be announced this Summer.

YouTube video

Tom Warren from The Verge later confirmed these claims and tweeted Grubb’s clip, stating that the information was correct. The Coalition has been working on the upcoming Gears of War game for over a year—generally believed to be Gears 6. Microsoft will have plenty of games to be revealed at the Xbox Summer Showcase.

After Grubb and Warren, another renowned insider NateTheHate, he shared similar statements about Gears 6 on ResetEra. Nate stated that he would be surprised if Gears 6 wasn’t showcased at the Xbox event, and he thinks that it will ultimately show off the potential of the current generation console—much like the original Gears of War did for the Xbox 360.

In addition, another industry insider named Shinobi602 commented on the same ResetEra post and suggested that Gears 6 will boast incredible visuals, claiming that “people aren’t ready.”

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