G2 Pengu officially retires from Rainbow Six Siege

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: G2 Esports

In a new video, G2 Esports player Pengu announces his retirement from the Rainbow Six Siege esports scene.

YouTube video

After a five-year run at the top level of Siege esports, Pengu has officially stepped down as a pro-player today. In these years, Pengu remained in the same roster and has achieved immense success with his teammates.

Pengu: one of the most experienced Siege player

Niclas Pengu Mouritzen is currently the most decorated player in Rainbow Six Siege. His massive experience in the game can be backed up with his trophies, which includes 4x Pro League, 2 back-to-back Invitationals, one European title, and most recently the November Six Major.

Pengu’s R6 career started with a title win in the very first season of the PC Pro League. However, it wasn’t until season 4, when he teamed up with Fabian, Goga, and Joonas to begin the most dominating run in Siege’s history.

Although the retirement might come as a surprise to many people, Pengu has shared his desire to retire a few months for the poor state the game was in, and also to spend more time on other parts of his life.

However, Pengu did note that he might return to the Invitational stage, but not as a player. But instead as an analyst, caster, coach or just as a big Rainbow Six Siege fan.


Pengu will now be concentrating solely on content creation. With 940k followers on Twitch and 611k subscribers on YouTube, Pengu has already built himself a substantial brand-image, and he will continue to grind and make even better content for his fans. He will continue to stream under G2 Esports for now, but might even move to a new org in the future.

YouTube video

With the Six Invitational 2021 planned to be held in May, G2 Esports’ will be seriously searching for Pengu’s replacement: a huge role to fill for any player.

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