G2 NiKo Thinks the Responsive Smokes is a Bad Addition to the Game and Might Get Removed

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By Nazmul Hassan
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Nikola “NiKo” Kovač shared his opinion on the new smoke feature in Counter-Strike 2. Apparently, he is not a fan of it.

Valve just dropped the biggest bomb with the surprise release of Counter-Strike 2. Apart from the engine update, the game is undergoing a few changes from its predecessor, including a visual upgrade, a sub-tick system, and brand-new Responsive or Volumetric Smokes.

The new Responsive Smokes has dynamic features that create volumetric 3D objects and can interact with other physical environments in the game. Additionally, the Responsive Smokes can react to lighting and grow to fill spaces naturally.

Players can also shoot the smoke to create a tiny gap and see through the smoke clouds. Moreover, throwing grenades in the Volumetric Smoke can completely push the smoke clouds away for a short duration, making anyone or anything visible through it for that amount of time.

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After the smoke was demonstrated, players were split into two groups, one largely favoring the new feature compared to the other. And it looks like G2 NiKo is one of the players who isn’t in support of the new smoke.

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G2 NiKo’s opinion About Responsive Smokes

Currently, the game is in a limited test beta phase, and only a handful of players got the access to it. Most of the players who got beta access are CS:GO professional players and content creators. NiKo is one of the few people who got limited-time access and has spent quite some time in the game to get the new Counter-Strike experience.

YouTube video

While NiKo was playing and streaming Counter-Strike 2 on his Twitch, one of his viewers asked him if the new smoke was “game-breaking.” NiKo replied, “there’s no need to have it (new Volumetric Smokes).” The pro player also thinks that Valve may remove the new smoke from the game if enough players give proper feedback to them.

The CS community has a pretty mixed review of the new Responsive Smoke feature. However, the game is still in the limited-test phase, and much is yet to change before the release of the final version. So, only time can tell whether the Responsive or Volumetric Smoke will be a good addition to the Counter-Strike or not.

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