Fortnite x TMNT Event: All Driftboard Locations

Samia Awal Moon
By Samia Awal Moon
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Fortnite x TMNT Event All Driftboard Locations

Here is the full list of Driftboard Locations during the Fortnite x TMNT Event.

Fortnite brought childhood joy for the players with the new anticipated collaboration Fortnite x TMNT. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ character skins and weapons will bring you excitement and nostalgia filled with the Fortnite experience. An event pass is available to buy during these two weeks of time-limited events. The new contents and activities will give you the opportunity to grab the latest cosmetics, TMNT-themed skins, and weapons.

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Along with this new Cowabunga Event, Fortnite also brought back the Driftboards that were already known to the old players. It caught the attention of the new players as well. These Driftboards will be available in different locations on the Fortnite map. You can also use them to complete the weekly quests such as “Splinter Assignment.” This guide will inform you about Driftboards in Fortnite x TMNT Event and where to find them.

Driftboards in Fortnite x TMNT

Driftboards were first introduced in Chapter 1 of Fortnite. In the TMNT collaboration, the Driftboards are green colored because of the Ninja Turtles. This device will help you during transportation. You can swiftly traverse the whole map and do some flips and tricks.

Fortnite x TMNT Event All Driftboard Locations (1)
Credit: Epic Games

Start riding the TMNT Driftboard to do the tricks. You can use nitro boost for speed and use the jump button. They usually hover smoothly so you can easily cross grass, water, and snow.

Remember that the event will end on 27th February, so make sure to use these boards to complete the quests and have fun.

All Driftboard Locations

Fortnite x TMNT Event All Driftboard Locations (2)

There are a total of 20 Driftboards available in the Fortnite Map. Here is a list of locations to help you find them:

  • Rebel’s Roost: 1 TMNT Driftboard
  • Ritzy Riviera: 2 TMNT Driftboards
  • Pleasant Piazza: 2 TMNT Driftboards
  • Snooty Steppes: 1 TMNT Driftboard
  • Fencing Fields: 2 TMNT Driftboards
  • Hazy Hillside: 2 TMNT Driftboards
  • Grand Glacier: 2 TMNT Driftboards
  • Reckless Railways: 4 TMNT Driftboards
  • Lavish Lair: 2 TMNT Driftboards
  • Classy Courts: 2 TMNT Driftboards

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