Fortnite x Ariana Grande Rift Tour Event: Schedule, Free Rewards, Challenges, and more

Epic Games recently announced the Fortnite x Ariana Grande Event called “Rift Tour”.

For a few months now players have been speculating a crossover between Fortnite x Ariana Grande. The speculations got even more traction after someone claiming to be an insider announced that Epic Games had already begun testing the event.

Just yesterday some posters started appearing all around the Fortnite map. This led Fortnite players to try and find out connections between the posters and Ariana Grande. And recently Epic Games announced the upcoming event at a press conference.

They also released a blog post about the details of the Fortnite x Ariana Grande event including its schedule, free rewards, in-game challenges, and more.

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Fortnite x Ariana Grande Rift Tour:

Fortnite official Twitter account announced the Rift Tour event just now. The Tweet reads,

“Escape into the Rift Take a musical journey to magical new realities and drop into the Rift Tour August 6-8”

Epic Games also talked about the event in a press conference. The press conference talks about the reveal of the Chart-Topping Headliner and the event which basically confirms that the Event is about Ariana Grande.


The Fortnite Rift Tour event will be held from August 6th-8th according to the Fortnite official Blog Post. The actual time for the event is displayed in-game under the Social tab.

Free Rewards and Challenges:

There are some in-game challenges that have free rewards. Completing these challenges will rewards players with a Spray, Loading Screen, and an Emoticon.

EN 17BR RiftTour Rewards Social
Fortnite Rift Tour Event Free Rewards Credit: Epic Games

Players will be able to earn a free Umbrella simply for participating in the “Rift Tour” event.

We might know more info about the event and also see the Ariana Grande skin on August 2nd.

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