Fortnite v22.20 Fortnitemares Update: All New Leaked Skins and Cosmetics

Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Epic Games

The Fortnitemares update is finally here in Fortnite, and Epic Games has added lots of new Halloween theme skins and cosmetics to the game files.

Halloween is just around the corner. And just like every year, it is a fun time for all Fortnite fans. Epic Games introduces some of the most unique and outstanding skins and cosmetics during the Halloween celebrations every year. We also get a ton of new challenges, map changes, free rewards, game modes, and much more.

The Fortnite Halloween update is so popular that Epic Games has named it Fortnitemares. Fortnite players all over the world eagerly wait for Halloween. Fortnite goes into a festive mood, and almost everything gets a touch of spooky.

It’s October 18, and the Fortnitemares update is already here. The new update brought a lot of map changes, new game modes, weapons, etc. Thanks to Fortnite leakers and data miners, we also get to see all the upcoming skins and cosmetics hidden in the game files.

Below you will see all of them.

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Fortnitemares v22.20 Update Leaked skins and cosmetics:

In the new update, we have more than 14 skins. Some of these skins were part of the Epic Games skins survey. We also have some Collaboration skins. Queen Summer and Mr. Meeseeks skins from Rick and Morty. Ash, from the famous horror Evil Dead series. Black Adam from the upcoming movie.

There is also a new boss skin that has a black latex look with a pink full-face visor.

Next, we have a new pack coming with female skin. This pack also has 1000 Vbucks, so we can safely deduce it will be purchased with real-world currency and not V-bucks.

The bundle skins below, however, might be purchasable through Vbucks.

Ash Williams, a famous character from the Evil Dead series, is coming to Fortnite. He has his signature chainsaw as a pickaxe and the Necronomicon as a backbling.

Lastly, Black Adam skin is coming as well. The movie is coming out in a few days so the hype for this skin will be something else.

New Emotes:


Fortnitemares 2022 Backblings
Fortnitemares 2022 Backblings Credit: FNBRintel


Fortnitemares 2022 Pickaxes
Fortnitemares 2022 Pickaxes Credit: FNBRintel


Fortnitemares 2022 Gliders
Fortnitemares 2022 Gliders Credit: FNBRintel

Loading Screens:

New Music Packs:

Fortnitemares 2022 Free Rewards:

There will be some free cosmetic rewards for completing Fortnitemares challenges. Some leakers have even speculated that the Chrome Punk skin can be acquired for free during Fortnitemares 2022.

Chrome Punk Skin
Chrome Punk Skin Credit: FNBRintel

Fortnitemares 2022 Cosmetics Detailed Look:

For a more detailed look at the Fortnitemares 2022 cosmetics and skins, refer to the video below:

YouTube video

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