Fortnite v19.30 Update Release Date and Beginning of Downtime Revealed

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite recently revealed the release date and the beginning of downtime for the upcoming 19.30 update.

Fortnite v19.30 update is coming out soon. The previous 19.20 update did not bring much to the table except for Haven mask styles, Foundation skin, and Covert Cavern. Hopefully, the new 19.30 update brings some exciting items and gameplay changes, and new skins to the game.

Some Fortnite fans are even hoping for the Pump and Tactical Shotgun’s return to Chapter 3. Epic Games disabled these shotguns at the start of Chapter 3, so many hope they might return soon. Some Dataminers also found updated data related to the revolver, so it might also make a return. But all of these speculations will clear up when the Fortnite v19.30 arrives.

The official Fortnite Status Twitter account recently revealed the update date and the beginning of downtime via a recent Tweet.

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Fortnite v19.30 Update Date and Downtime:

According to the Fortnite Status Twitter account, the v19.30 update will be on 15th February 2022, and the downtime for the update will begin at 04:00 AM ET. As always, Fortnite will also disable all matchmaking 30 minutes before the downtime.

“The v19.30 update is scheduled for release on February 15th. Downtime will begin at 04:00 AM ET, with matchmaking being disabled 30 minutes before.”

The Tweet also revealed a significant change coming to the Fortnite mode selection screen. Launching Fortnite greets players with a selection screen with three choices Save the World, Battle Royale, and Creative.

But, after the Fortnite v19.30 update goes live, players will directly enter the Battle Royale lobby.

“With the v19.30 Update, we’re removing the initial screen where you select Save The World, Battle Royale, or Creative game modes.

You’ll now boot up directly into the Lobby, ready to join the party and kick off a match!”

Many Save the World players are unhappy with this decision. This further puts the original Fortnite game mode under the shadow of the much more popular Battle Royale.

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