Fortnite v19.30 Adds “Gyro Aiming” and “Flick Stick” Feature for Controller Players

Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite’s latest v19.30 update adds “Gyro Aiming” and “Flick Stick” feature for controllers.

Fortnite recently released a v19.30 update. This new update brings the brand new Gyro Aiming and Flick Stick feature. This new feature will give controller players more options for control when playing Fortnite.

Fortnite already has gyro controls for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. But the new 19.30 update adds improved gyro aim and flick stick controls for Nintendo Switch, Android, PlayStation 4 and 5, and PC.

Epic Games partnered with input specialist and flick stick creator Julian “Jibb” Smart to bring this feature to Fortnite’s 19.30 update. Jibb also made a video showcasing some of the features of this new function.

YouTube video

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How to Enable Gyro Settings in Fortnite:

The new Gyro Settings can be found under the new “Touch and Motion” tab in the settings menu. The Gyro Aiming only works for DualShock 4 and 5 controllers connected by USB. There is also a setting called “Look Stick Effect” that affects gyro on/off when using the right stick.

Gyro Aiming
Credit: Gyro Aiming

Fortnite gives the players some options when activating the new gyro settings. Players can choose whether to active gyro mode in combat, build mode, or both.

Active Mode (Combat)

  • Scope Only: Gyro active only when aiming scoped weapons.
  • Scope or Aiming: Gyro active when aiming any weapon.
  • Scope, Aiming, Harvesting: Gyro active when aiming any weapon or swinging your Harvesting Tool.
  • Always: Gyro active whether or not you’re aiming a weapon or swinging your Harvesting Tool.

Active Mode (Building)

  • None: Gyro active neither when building or editing.
  • Editing: Gyro active when editing but not building.
  • Always: Gyro active when either building or editing. 

Flick Stick:

There is also the Flick Stick settings for fully utilizing the gyro aiming option.

“We’ve added flick stick to complement the gyro experience! Found in the “Touch and Motion” tab as well, turn on the flick stick so that when you point the right stick in a specific direction, the camera will quickly flick to face that direction. Since this means you can no longer aim up or down with the right stick, this requires gyro aiming to be enabled. 
Flick stick is generally recommended for experienced gyro players, but some new gyro players get a hold of it quickly.”

Fortnite Gyro Tips:

“For new gyro players, we recommend enabling gyro and not adjusting any other gyro settings (except sensitivities if you feel the need to change them). We also recommend keeping flick stick off. With gyro enabled and other settings at default, gyro is only active when aiming. This way, it simply adds onto traditional stick aiming, giving you a chance to get used to what gyro’s best at: fine aiming adjustments.

For experienced gyro players, we recommend setting your aim mode to Always and binding another input to disable gyro. A simple way to do this without losing controller real estate is to combine it with another input. For example, you can set Crouch / Slide and Gyro Modifier (which disables gyro) to the same button, then activate either one depending on how long you press the button.”

Fortnite Gyro
Credit: Epic Games

“For players who want to give flick stick a go, we recommend setting your Look Stick Effect to Enables. This way, even in an aim mode in which gyro is not active all the time, you can still make vertical adjustments when you need to by engaging the flick stick.”

Read the Fortnite Gyro Aiming and Flick Stick Blog Post for more details on this feature.

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