Fortnite v17.21 Patch Notes: Plasma Cannon Mythic Weapon, New Alien Ship, Friend List UI Change, and more

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Epic Games

Patch notes for the recently released Fortnite 17.21 Update.

Epic Games recently released the Fortnite v17.21 update. This is not a main update and instead is a side update before the Fortnite 17.30 update next week. The v17.21 update focuses on some small content updates and some event files. So we did not get any new skin leaks this time.

The recent Fortnite update added a new Mythic Weapon, New Alien Abductors, some changes to the Friends list UI and more. Below you can find all of the things that were added in the Fortnite v17.21 update.

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Fortnite v17.21 Patch Notes:

After the update went live, Epic Games released a blog post with some of the details from the recent update. The blog post talks about the things added in the update and also shows a video trailer for the new Mythic Weapon.

Mythic Plasma Cannon:

The Plasma Cannon is the newest Mythic weapon added to Fortnite. It can be found in both IO Chests and Normal Chests. The Plasma Cannon can fire five plasma balls and becomes unusable afterwards. Players will then need to find a new one if they wish to use it further.

The blog post description for the Plasma Cannon reads,

“Found from IO Chests and normal ones, the Plasma Cannon has enough energy to fire five plasma balls. What’s the big deal about these? An electrical dome will surround them as they slowly move forward, and enemies who get caught in the dome will take heavy damage and be impulsed back. Vehicles are affected in the same way. Tip: if you find a way to keep enemies in the dome even when impulsed, they will take repeated damage.”

The Plasma Cannon is also very strong against builds. The blast destroys all builds in it’s path. Players can also craft the Plasma Cannon by using a Legendary Pistol and Alien Nanites.

“How the Plasma Cannon affects buildings is a different story. Fearing Aliens may prove to be advanced architects, the IO made it so that the Plasma Cannon destroys structures just about instantly. The Plasma Cannon can be crafted in addition to being found. Because the IO used Alien technology to invent it, it can be crafted by combining a Legendary Pistol with an Alien Nanite.”

YouTube video

Currently the Mythic Plasma Cannon is not available in Competitive.

Plasma Cannon Stats:

Fortnuite data miner HYPEX recently shared the stats for the Mythic Plasma Cannon. The Plasma Cannon does 33 damage to players and 550 to builds.

Mythic Plasma Cannon Gameplay:

StreakyFly on Twitter recently shared gameplay of the Mythic Plasma Cannon. In the video we can see the Plasma Cannon absolutely destroying tons of builds.

New Green Alien Abductor:

A new Green Alien Abductor has appeared in Fortnite. Above the Abductor there is also a event countdown timer that is set for 10 days from now.

Inflate-A-Bull Reenabled in Competitive:

The Inflate-A-Bull was removed from Fortnite Competitive playlists after a bug that allowed players to become invisible. The bug is now gone and Epic has decided to reanable it back to competitive.

Friends List UI Changes:

The Friends List UI in Fortnite recently received some changes to give it a more rounded look.

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