Fortnite “Pro 100” Creative Map Creator Gets Support A Creator Code Revoked after Homophobic Comments on Twitter

The Creative map maker of Fortnite Pro 100 recently made some derogatory comments towards the LGBTQ community.

Pro 100 is a Fortnite Creative map and has been featured multiple times by Epic Games in the past. Epic Games even featured the map multiple times in the Battle Royale mode select options. Furthermore, players had to complete the recent Summer challenges in the Pro 100 mode as well.

But recently some developments happened with the Fortnite Pro 100 map creator which resulted in the map being disabled and his Support A Creator code taken away.

Recently Fortnite introduced the Rainbow Royale event where players could get some pride-themed cosmetics for free. Fortnite players could get some free wraps and sprays and even an emote and also gift them to friends for free.

The #ThankYouEpicGames hashtag was trending on Twitter following this announcement. People were thanking Epic Games for promoting greater inclusion of LGBTQ people.

Fortnite #ThankYouEpicGames trending
Fortnite #ThankYouEpicGames trending

But Pro 100 map creator made some comments below this post which made Epic take action against him.

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Pro 100 Map Disabled and SAC revoked:

As of writing this article, the Pro 100 Creative map has been disabled and the support a creator code of creator has also been revoked. Some of the comments made by AWA are given below for context.

AWA’s support a creator code was also removed as evident by the image below.

Some Fortnite players were seen going to the map and covering the whole map with free pride sprays. Below are some images from such a gathering.

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