Fortnite Cowabunga Event: All TMNT Vending Machine Locations

Samia Awal Moon
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Fortnite Cowabunga Event All TMNT Vending Machine Locations

Learn about All TMNT Vending Machine Locations in the Fortnite Cowabunga Event.

Fortnite recently collaborated with the 90s popular cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1. If you are a massive fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, this event is everything you hoped for. The event started on February 9th, bringing many character and weapon skins for the players. As a limited-time event, it will last for two weeks; during this time, you will find various new content and activities in Fortnite. The cartoon characters from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be available as skins. TMNT Battle Pass will include free and premium rewards during the event time.

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The event will also make some changes to the Fortnite map. You will find various Vending Machines, Driftboards, and pizza party weapons throughout the map. Some excellent goods can be obtained from these vending machines. If you want to know the locations of all TMNT Vending Machines, then this guide is the one you need.

Vending Machines in Fortnite x TMNT

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Credit: Epic Games

The TMNT Vending Machine in Fortnite will hold some of the unique items that are only available during the event time. So, this is your only chance to grab your favorite items. You can use the gold bars and purchase items like Mythic weapons, including:

  • Leonardo’s Katana Saya
  • Donatello’s Bo Staff Sheath
  • Michelangelo’s Nunchucks & Skateboard
  • Raphael’s Sai Backpack

These weapons will generally cost you 300 Gold bars. You can also buy “Pizza Party,” which will grant you additional health and shield. TMNT-themed driftboards are also available, so check them out before the event ends on February 27th.

All TMNT Vending Machine Locations

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There are 6 TMNT Vending Machines available across the Fortnite map. If you want to find them, then you must head to the locations listed below:

  • Grand Glacier
  • Pleasant Piazza
  • Classy Courts
  • Rebel’s Roost
  • Hazy Hillside
  • Ritzy Riviera

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