Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Vibin: How Much XP Needed to Reach Battle Pass Level 100

Nawshad Noor
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The XP required to reach level 100 in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Vibin has been revealed.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Vibin update is here, and players all over the world are enjoying everything it has to offer. The new update brings new POIs, the Baller, Ridable Wildlife, Weapons, Storm Sickness, and many more things.

But, the thing most Fortnite players are excited about is the new Battle Pass. It is a monetization system that offers additional content for a game through a tiered system. The price of a Battle Pass in Fortnite is around 950 V-Bucks and gives tons of skins, emotes, back bling, gliders, pickaxes, weapon wraps, and many more.

The new Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass has base 100 tiers and additional tiers. In this new Battle Pass, we have some original skins as well as some iconic skins like Darth Vader and Indiana Jones. But to max out the Battle Pass, players need to earn XP by completing challenges in either the Battle Royale mode or Save the World.

The amount of XP needed to reach Battle Pass level 100 for this season has changed. Below you will learn exactly how much XP is required to level up this season’s Battle Pass to tier 100.

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XP Needed to Reach Battle Pass Level 100:

Fortnite leaker and data miner iFireMoneky recently revealed the changes made to the XP requirement this season. iFireMonkey recently made a Tweet giving us info on how much XP is needed for each tier of the Battle Pass. We also found out about the amount of XP required to reach level 100.

According to the Tweet, Battle Pass Levels now require 80,000 XP instead of 75,000 XP. To reach levels 0-100, players will need a total of 7,920,000 XP. iFireMonkey also gave us a list of how much XP the challenges offer-

  • Each Weekly Challenge gives 15K XP
  • Each Daily Challenge gives 1K XP
  • Each Daily Punchcard gives 15K XP
  • Each Milestone Quest Completion Stage gives 20K XP
  • Each Milestone gives 5K XP

Here, the daily Punchcard refers to the first 3 daily challenges each day.

Fortnite Save the World XP Cap Reduced:

Fortnite players could earn tons of Battle Pass XP in the previous season simply by playing Save the World. At that time, the XP cap in Save the World was 600,000 XP each day. But, in this season, Epic has reduced the cap to 450,000 XP.

The information comes from a recent post on Fortnite Save the World Reddit.

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