Fortnite Announces MrBeast Challenge with a $1,000,000 Prize

Fortnite recently announced their collaboration with MrBeast and an extreme survival challenge with a chance to win $1,000,000.

Back in November, Fortnite fans were greeted with a nice surprise at the 2022 FNCS Invitational. At the event, the fans noticed a MrBeast Burger figure which suggested a possible collaboration coming. Fans at the time were excited about this because of the prospect of a MrBeast skin in the game and the possibility of winning some money.

Recently Fortnite announced the MrBeast’s Extreme Survival Challenge, and as expected, the prize I huge. The person with the highest score in this challenge will be able to earn a whopping $1 million.

Epic Games released a blog post about this whole event, including the date and time, how to participate, and more.

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MrBeast Extreme Survival Challenge:

The MrBeast Extreme Survival Challenge will be held in Fortnite Creative. As part of this, “Atlas Creative” designed an island filled with challenges, hazards, and coins. During the time period of the challenge, players can play as many matches as they want and collect points. At the end of the challenges, the player’s best match score will determine the placement. The winner will be awarded $1 million.

Date and Time:

The MrBeast Extreme Survival Challenge will run for one day only, starting at 12 PM ET to 3 PM ET on December 17.

The island, however, will go live on December 13, so players can practice their strategies and techniques before the actual challenge begins.

How to Participate:

The MrBeast Challenge island will be available on the “Fortnite Competitive” row in Discover. From here, you can select the island and jump in to partake in the event.

How to Win the MrBeast Umbrella:

The top 100,000 players at the conclusion of the tournament (the 100,000 players with the highest Score) will get the golden Beast Brella Umbrella

Fortnite MrBeast Umbrella
Fortnite MrBeast Umbrella

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