Former World Champion Crown retires

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Crown, who was part of Samsung Galaxy’s 2017 Worlds run has now retired and left a farewell message on Instagram.

Crown was a premier mid laner several years ago back in the LCK. He has had a very successful run in League of Legends esports winning Worlds and MVP in the LCK.

Crown made an Instagram post tweeted by Ashley Kang announcing his retirement.

Crown’s Career

He started his professional career in Brazilian teams Team 58ers and Kabum! back in 2014. He then joined Challenger Korea in 2015 for one split and was signed by Samsung Galaxy in the same year.

During his tenure with Samsung Galaxy, he made two Worlds Finals appearances where he lost to T1 in 2016 and won Worlds in 2017. In both years, they attended Worlds through the Qualifiers gauntlet and making it to the Finals. Furthermore, Crown also won MVP in LCK Spring 2017. He got a SSG Taliyah skin in honor for his win in Worlds 2017.

Afterwards, his team was renamed to Gen.G Esports ultimate where he stayed until 2018. While in Gen.G, he won the domestic title in Summer 2018 and made it to Worlds 2018 as the first seed. However it ended in disappointment for them as they did not make past the group stages that year.

After Worlds ended, he joined Optic Gaming in 2018. He made one playoff appearance during his time there and had a short sting in the academy team of Optic. After Optic Gaming’s slot got bought out by Immortals, he signed with CLG 2019.

He had an extremely short stint with CLG and then moved to OZ Gaming in Challengers Korea 2020. There he made 1 playoff appearance in CK 2020 Summer.

He will be remembered for his Worlds win and MVP in 2017. Also, he will be known as one of the best Viktor players in Korea.

A rough translation of his farewell message can be found in this reddit post.

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