First look at Happi Genji, the new Premium Overwatch League skin

Ashraful Abedin
By Ashraful Abedin
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Overwatch Happi Genji Skin

Blizzard has released a new premium skin for Genji to celebrate the start of the Overwatch League 2022 Summer Showdown.

To celebrate major events of Overwatch League, new skins are added to the Overwatch League store. These skins are different from the rest of the Legendary and seasonal skins in Overwatch. The premium skins from the Overwatch League store need a different form of currency called Overwatch League tokens or OWL tokens. These need to be separately purchased at you need $9.99 to buy 200 tokes which is the set price for this new skin.

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The new Legendary skin is called Happi Genji, which features the Ninja in more traditional clothing. Happis are traditional Japanese coats with tube sleeves, worn only during festivals. There is usually a large design on the back of the coat, typically the name of the festival or the association participating; kanji may also appear on the lapels.

Image via Twitter
Image via @OverwatchNaeri

The skin features Genji wearing the traditional Happi and shorts. He has arm and shin guards on his right arm and legs. He also has what appears to be goldfish in a pouch full of water tied to his waist. Genji has a small mask on the side of his head resembling his Sentai skin.

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Those who love the look of the new skin or want to complete their skin collection for Genji can check out the store to purchase this premium limited-time skin.

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