First 40 Minutes of Stellar Blade Gameplay Posted Online

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Stellar Blade gameplay footage was posted on YouTube as the demo accidentally went live on the PlayStation Store.

A playable demo for the upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive action title Stellar Blade was briefly published on the North American PlayStation Store. Sony then delisted the demo from the store a couple of hours later as it was a publication error from the Korean developers Shift Up. After the playable demo went live, many content creators and players started playing the game before Sony pulled the plug.

While Sony mistakenly released the demo for Stellar Blade on the PS Store, some players and content creators quickly downloaded and installed the demo before the game was delisted. Some Twitch streamers started playing the game on stream after the demo went live. Afterward, the streams were quickly removed after Sony issued DMCA takedown requests. However, that did not stop the creators on YouTube from posting the gameplay footage of the demo.

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Stellar Blade Demo Gameplay Posted On YouTube

The forty-minute demo gameplay showcased the game’s opening sequence, including the opening cutscenes and tutorial stages of Stellar Blade. In the beginning, the video shows Eve, the protagonist of the game, arriving on a planet annihilated by war. Eve joined a close companion in the battle to survive before things go wrong and emotion, leaving her to explore the post-apocalyptic world of Zion that’s collapsing around her.

YouTube video

The demo gameplay showcased the game’s combat mechanics, intense boss fights, and soundtracks. Even before the release of Stellar Blade, Eve’s character design was one of the most talked about topics in the gaming community. At the very start of the game, players are introduced to Eve and her character design, which is based on Shin Jae-eun, a South Korean model.

Apart from Eve’s character model and gameplay, the demo also showcased the ‘Camps’ skill settings, upgrade paths, outfits, and acrobatic combat style. As it is still demo gameplay footage, the game’s developers will make some minor changes ahead of the game’s release.

Stellar Blade is scheduled to be released exclusively for the PlayStation 5 on April 26, 2024.

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