FFXIV Endwalker: How to Obtain Petalouda Scales

Here is how you can obtain Petalouda Scales.

EndWalker introduces a lot of new things, places, and treasures to find. In Final Fantasy, there are tones of items you can collect and use. With Each expansion pack, new resources and materials get added to the game. Moreover, we have made a complete guide on obtaining Petalouda Scales below.

How to Obtain Petalouda Scales

Petalouda Scales is a new resource that has come with Endwalker. There are three types of Petalouda enemies: Kokkine, Kyane, and Ianthine. You can get Petalouda Scales from Gemstone traders or farm them by killing Petalouda mobs. You can find these mobs at Elps: Philomythes Notos at coordinates (X:20, Y:28, and X:25, Y:34).

The scales have a reasonable drop rate, so you can farm them reasonably quickly. You can also buy them from Gemstone Trader NPCs at Aisara: Elpis – Anagnorisis (X:24.5, Y:23.5), Gadfrid: Old Sharlayan – The Agora (X:13, Y:10.5), and Sajareen: Radz-at-Han – West Balshahn Bazaar (X:11, Y:10).

Players can use these in crafting recipes to make Commanding Craftsman’s Draught, Enchanted Manganese Ink, Rarefied Enchanted Manganese Ink, and Sungold Firesand. You can also use them to complete level quests which will give you a lot of crafter XP.

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