Fan-Made Spirit Blossom Irelia Splash is Just Perfect

A fan-made splash art of Spirit Blossom Irelia made fans want a new Spirit Blossom skin for Irelia.

Irelia is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends. She was released over ten years ago. Even though initially, she was a well-liked champion, as the meta developed, her popularity plummeted. Mainly due to she wasn’t versatile enough at the time. She filled the same role as Master Yi and Jax. Because of this, Riot gave Irelia a much-needed rework in 2018.

After her rework in 2018, she not only got new abilities and visuals but also expanded her popularity. Before, she was just a bruiser with very little versatility, but now she is classified as both bruiser and an assassin. Immediately after her rework, she was highly over-tuned. Even after her nerfs, she is still considered one of the top champions in the meta.

Since Irelia is a very popular champion, she has a lot of unique skins. All of her skins are very high in quality.

Many players want to see an Irelia skin in their favorite skin line since Irelia’s concept fits well with most skin lines out there.

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Spirit Blossom Irelia

Spirit Blossom is one of the most beloved events in League of Legends, with a limited-time gamemode, a visual novel-style side game, and some of the best-looking skins the game has to offer. Some of the Spirit Blossom Skins are Spirit Blossom Yasuo, Spirit Blossom Yone, Spirit Blossom Teemo, Spirit Blossom Kindred, Spirit Blossom Thresh, Spirit Blossom Vayne, etc.

Senior Illustrator at Riot Games, Bo Chen, has now made a fan-made concept splash art for Spirit Blossom Irelia. And it looks fantastic!

This Spirit Blossom Irelia has taken inspiration mostly from Spirit Blossom Yone and Spirit Blossom Riven. Yet thanks to her background and unique designs such as spheres as her belt makes her unique. The skin overall looks very clean. If this skin is released in the future, it would be either A or S tier.

Splash Art

Spirit Blossom Irelia
Image Credits: Bo Chen (ArtStation)

Will Spirit Blossom Irelia Ever Release?

There are currently leaks and rumors that this year’s Worlds event will be a Spirit Blossom Event. Many skins Spirit Blossom skins were leaked, but unfortunately, Spirit Blossom Irelia isn’t one of them.

But there are chances that a Spirit Blossom skin for Irelia might release in the future. Since Spirit Blossom skins are based on Ionian mythology, Riot might want to add a Spirit Blossom counterpart for every Ionian champion. And since Irelia is an Ionian champion, we might see her in a Spirit Blossom Skin line in the future.

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