Every Quest You Can Complete in Fortnite Rocket Racing

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Rocket Racing is the new addition in Fortnite. This guide will show the list of every quests you can complete in the game.

Race cars and turbo boost have come to the lands of Fortnite in the latest game feature Fortnite: Rocket Racing. Now you can compete with players with your own cars with personal decals, wheels and designs.

But to completely unlock all the customizations and level up fast, you need to complete the quests.

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The quests and rewards can get confusing (happened to me). Because you will have to complete the same quests in different ranks to get exp bonuses. There are also additional quests that aren’t part of the main season quests.

So, make sure to check everything in this guide to complete every quest in Fortnite Rocket Racing!

List of All Quests in Fortnite Rocket Racing

Below are all the main and side quests you can complete in Fortnite Rocket Racing, along with their rewards and how to complete them.

Main Quests

The primary quests in the rocket racing are:

QuestRewards (Total 7 stages 2000 XP increase per stage)How to Complete
Complete Races2000 -14000 XPFinish all races on the track
Drive Total Distance2000 -14000 XPCover a set amount of distance, so keep racing till you meet the specified amount.
Drift Total Distance2000 -14000 XPDrift for a set amount of distance
Activate Turbo2000 -14000 XPYou will have to use turbo for a set amount of time
Fly Total Distance2000 -14000 XPWhile racing press the jump button and cover a set amount of distance
Fortnite Rocket Racing MAIN QUEST LIST

Additional Quests

The sub-quests in the rocket racing are:

Complete 5 Season Zero Kickoff Quests5,000 XP, Wing Decal
Complete 10 Season Zero Kickoff Quests10,000 XP, Lightning Bolt Decal
Complete 15 Season Zero Kickoff Quests15,000 XP, Star Decal
Complete 25 Season Zero Kickoff Quests20,000 XP, Tech Decal
Complete 35 Season Zero Kickoff Quests25,000 XP, Skull Decal
Fortnite Rocket Racing SIDE QUEST LIST

Bonus Quests

The bonus quests in the rocket racing are:

QuestXP RewardHow to Complete
Compete in up to four races4,000 XPParticipate in up to four races, completing each race on the track.
Drive a total distance of 75,0002,000 XPDrive your vehicle, covering a total distance of 75,000 units.
Drift total distance of 25,0002,000 XPUse the drift button to make tight turns, covering a total drift distance of 25,000 units.
Activate turbo up to 10 times2,000 XPActivate the turbo feature up to 10 times during races.
Fly a total distance of up to 25,0002,000 XPUse the jump button to make your vehicle fly, covering a total distance of 25,000 units.
Fortnite Rocket Racing BONUS QUEST LIST

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