Epic Games Acquires Popular Digital Artist’s Showcase Platform Artstation

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Epic Games

In a recent announcement Artstation has announced that they are joining the Epic Games family.

Artstation is a digital platform where artists can showcase their works. Games, film, media & entertainment artists often use Artstation to showcase their talent and display their portfolio. Artstation helps them to get noticed by the right people in the industry faster. It also provides tutorials made by professionals.

Artstation was recently bought by Fortnite and Unreal Engine creators Epic Games. Leonard Teo, CEO and the ArtStation Team said,

“We want to thank you – our community and friends. Thank you for your trust, and thank you for your passion. It’s been an incredible journey.

We’re excited for this next chapter of ArtStation. The future is epic!”

Recently Artstation made an official announcement declaring the news of the acquisition. Artstation released a lengthy blog post announcing the news. Below are some of the key points from the blog post.

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Artstation Will Remain Independant:

Some Artstation users were afraid that the platform might become unreal engine and game focused after the acquisition. But apparently, that is not the case as Artstation said they will still operate freely after the acquisition. They said,

“ArtStation will remain an independently branded platform owned by Epic Games and will continue its mission to empower creators to thrive.”

Artstation Prices Reduced:

In the acquisition announcement, Artstation also said that they are going to reduced their standard fees from 30% to only 12%. The Artstation Pro fees also reduced from 20% to 8% and 5% for self-promoted sales.

ArtStation Learning is free in 2021:

Artstation Learning is a streaming learning service that allows individuals to learn about art from professionals. Users have unlimited access to tutorials made by industry professionals.

The good news is that ArtStation Learning is becoming free for the remainder of 2021. Artstation blog post says,

“We’re also making ArtStation Learning free to all members for the remainder of 2021”

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Nawshad Noor is a former Editor at GameRiv.