Elden Ring: How To Find The Blacksmith

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Here is how you can upgrade your weapons.

From the makers of Dark Souls, a new game is here for all those hardcore gamers worldwide. Elden Rings have all kinds of weapons for you to choose from. You can upgrade all the game’s weapons to boost their power. However, you will have to first get to the Blacksmith to upgrade your desired weapon. So below, we have created a complete guide on finding the Blacksmith in Elden Ring.

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How to find the Blacksmith

Upgrading your weapons can be a significant part of Elden Ring. Without a boost attached to your weapon, you won’t be able to beat all the bosses in the game. However, finding the Blacksmith might not be as easy as you think. You can find the Blacksmith in Roundtable Hold. To get to him first, you will have to get inside Roundtable hold. Moreover, to get access to Roundtable Hold, you will have to rest at Stormveil Caste Main Gate or Lake Cliffs.

You can find the Storm Caste Gate Site of Grace right after defeating Margit. Sitting down, you meet Melina, who can transport you to Roundtable Hold. You can get to the second Site of Grace in Storm veil Castle by going up the North Path of Storm Hill to see a broken Bridge. From there, find a way to reach Liurnia of the Lakes. Next up, after you rest on the Site of Grace, Melina will transport you to Roundtable Hold, where you can find the Blacksmith.

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