Dune Spice Wars – All Victory Conditions & How to Win

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Credit: Shiro Games

Dune Spice Wars is a mix of the 4X and real-time strategy genres. It has three main win conditions. Here we will explain all three of these win conditions and how to get them.

Dune Spice Wars takes you to the planet Arrakis as one of the four major fractions. You can play as House Atreides, House Harkonnen, the Smugglers, or the Native Fremen. Depending on which house you choose, you get a unique ability.

Dune Spice Wars mixes the 4X genre with the real-time strategy genre and makes a fun and addicting game out of it. Each of the four main fractions has its strong and weak points. Like, House Atredis can influence people, and the Native Fremen can ride the sandworms.

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Like many real-time strategy games, there are a few win conditions. Some of them are pretty straightforward, while others may need you to follow several steps. Here are all the win conditions and how to win in Dune Spice Wars.

Dune Spice Wars – All Victory Conditions

There are three main ways to win in Dune Spice Wars. Here is a brief list of all the victory conditions and how to reach them:

  • Domination Victory – Either destroy the capital base or assassinate the fraction leaders.
  • Political Victory – Using Landsraad, gain the governor position and hold it for 60 days.
  • Hegemony Victory – Reach 25,000 Hegemony first to win.

How to Win in Dune Spice Wars

Now that we know how all three victory condition works, we can break down each condition in proper detail and how you should approach to get each type of victory. Technically, all the fractions can achieve all types of victory. But for their unique standing within the world, pulling off some victory is easier with certain fractions.

Domination Victory

Domination victory actually has two sub-sections. You can use force and all of your military power to dominate and destroy other fraction bases to win. Alternatively, you can gain enough intel and assassinate the leader of the other fractions to win.

Strong fractions to pull out the domination victory are the House Harkonnen and the Fremen. But if you want to go the sneakier route and assassinate the leaders, the Smugglers are the best fraction for it.

Destroying Base

If you want to go for their base, build up your army. Also, use the intel to lower the health of their capital bases before you attack. Capital bases have a lot of hp and can be very hard to break down. On top of that, they have unbreakable defenses that will shoot at your troops as long as you attack. These intel missions for lowering Capital base hp are beneficial in this regard.


Assassination window dune spice war
Credit: Shiro Games

If you are going for the assassination method, gather as much intel as you can. You will also need level 2 infiltration in all general espionage areas. Once you have done all the steps of the assassination mission, you will eliminate the fraction leader.

Political Victory

Political victory happens when you achieve the Dune Governorship position and hold it for 60 in-game days. You will need a lot of votes and influence to get the position. So, House Atreides will be the best option to meet this victory condition.

govorner window dune spice wars
Credit: Shiro Games

To achieve political victory, you need to build your influence to gain a lot of votes. Other than that, you will also need to expand your area to meet the requirement of unlocking this position. After you have unlocked the Dune Governorship position, you can vote for yourself to become the Governer. And if you win the position, it is fairly easy to get a victory in this way.

Hegemony Victory

The Hegemony Victory is the default victory type of this game. If no other conditions are met, this will be the deciding factor in choosing a victor. The condition is simple, reach 25k Hegemony first out of all other fractions.

This is a good system to make the game length shorter since there will always be someone who reaches 25k Hegemony within a reasonable time. Also, any fraction is suitable for this victory since there are no advantages or disadvantages you need to consider.

hegemony point dune spice wars
Credit: Shiro Games

Hegemony can be gained in a lot of ways. Each fraction shares some of the same categories for acquiring Hegemony. But all the fraction also have their own unique way of gaining it. You will find all the possible ways to gain Hegemony when you hover over the point with your mouse.

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