Dr Disrespect thinks Self-Revives will Ruin Warzone 2.0

Dr Disrespect thinks that self-revives will ruin Warzone 2.0. The widespread complaint against self-revive has been a significant issue since the game’s launch.

Call of Duty Warzone introduced a new battle royale experience for players worldwide. The BR title featured new in-game features that made it unique from other games. One of the most highlighted features of the game was the self-revive kit available in buy stations and as legendary ground loot.

Warzone 2.0 also features the self-revive kit like most features from its predecessor. However, with the new backpack system, players can stack self-revive kits, whereas previously, it was limited to one. The multiple stacking of self-revive kits is causing controversy as Dr Disrespect gets enraged at the equipment.

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Dr Disrespect thinks Self-Revives will Ruin Warzone 2.0

During his recent stream, Dr Disrespect played Warzone 2.0 duos with ZLaner. As the two-timer was the last man standing, he efficiently downed an enemy squad. However, one of the opponents used self-revive and killed Doc in return.

The surprising use of self-revive sent Doc into a ranting session. The two-timer stated in rage, “There’s just too many f*ckin’ stupid a** self revives dude. I get confused, the game’s so f*ckin’ stupid.”

Doc went on to clarify his issue with self-revives. He explained how too many self-revives are lying around, and it just ruins the game’s fun. While the kill feed shows players being knocked, they use self-revive and fight back without a warning or alert.

Doc ends his rage spiral by expressing his frustration with the game’s condition and how too many things are going on simultaneously. However, the two-timer has been dissatisfied with the game since its launch and has repeatedly gone on record stating how it has gone downhill. Doc’s rage is justified, as most players in the community are frustrated with the abundance of self-revives in the game.

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