Disgaea 6: How To Unlock The Cheat Shop

The Cheat Shop is one of the most excellent places in Disgaea 6, where players can bend their scores the way they want. Isn’t that every gamer’s dream come true? This guide will show you the best ways to unlock the Cheat Shop.

Disgaea 6 provides the ultimate experience of high-level grid-based battle arenas. Players can reach 99,999,999 levels. You must use your chosen job strategically. Moreover, you can also battle various animals and demons with complete awesomeness, thanks to the game’s latest 3D aesthetics. There are also several materials to collect throughout the game. On top of that, there are some exciting places you can find in the game as well.

One of the most fantastic places to find and play is the Cheat Shop. With various sections, each has its own importance. The Cheat Shop is readily available, but some features are not available in the beginning. So, players need to put effort into unlocking the Cheat Shop.

In the Cheat Shop, you can mix and match your achieved scores while modifying them just the way you want. In addition, players can use this particular shop to get more rewards, resources, and other items.

disgaea 6 cheat shop
credit: primalliquid (YT)

How to Unlock The Cheat Shop 

The Cheat Shop is divided into five sections and five pages, which are:

  • Auto Sell
  • Battle
  • Fun
  • Obtain Rate
  • Limit

To unlock this spectacular shop, you may follow the steps below:

Visit Dark Assembly

At first, players have to go to the Dark Assembly chamber, which is in the Netherworld. You will find it in the fourth dimension.

Disgaea 6: How to Unlock The Cheat Shop
Credit: primalliquid ( YT )

Pass The Bill

There is a bill, or you can say a special request called “I Want To Cheat.” Then, you have to pass the bill in the Dark Assembly.


To pass the bill, you must spend some money on it. And in Disgaea 6, the cash-like object is Mana. So spend 300 Mana to pass the bill. After giving in 300 Mana, you will get the proper access to the Cheat Shop.

This is the easiest way to unlock the Cheat Shop. Best of Luck!!

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