Disgaea 6: How To Get and Use Karma

Karma is one of the greatest assets in Disgaea 6 that will help you play the game smoothly as ever! This guide will show you the best ways to get Karma and how to use it.

The ultimate experience of high-level grid-based combat arenas can be felt in Disgaea 6. Players can go to high levels of 99,999,999. You must use your selected role tactically. With the game’s latest 3D visuals, you can combat various creatures and demons with complete awesomeness. Also, there are some resources to collect in the game.

Resources are HP, Mana, EXP, Karma, and much more. Some resources can be quickly gained, whereas some require time and patience. Karma is one of the time-consuming resources, but in the end, it will be all worth it to have this resource.

Karma is very important to upgrade your character’s base stats while reincarnating. Moreover, Karma will give you Power and extra special abilities.

Disgaea 6: How to Get and Use Karma
Credit: primalliquid ( YT )

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How To Get Karma in Disgaea 6

To get Karma in Disgaea 6, you may follow the steps below:

Juice Bar

Disgaea 6 Karma
Credit: primalliquid ( YT )

To get an immense amount of Karma, you may visit Juice Bar and drink exactly 255 juice. After that, you will receive nearly 17 Million Karma. But this process will take time, so you must be patient.


Players can also get Karma while they Super Reincarnate.

Disgaea 6: How to Get and Use Karma
Credit: primalliquid ( YT )

If your rank in the game is higher, then the amount of Karma will be more significant.


Disgaea 6 Karma
Credit: primalliquid ( YT )

You must work on your character, abilities, and skills in the game. The more efficient and effective your character is, the more you can earn Karma through the D-Merit system. This is the fundamental systematic way of getting Karma.

How To Use Kamra in Disgaea 6

There are various ways you can use your obtained Karma:

Upgrade and Unlock

You can quickly upgrade and unlock your character’s unique abilities and skills with Karma. This will save time and help you win combats in a faster way.

Moreover, if you use Karma, your character’s base stats will increase while reincarnating.


Karma also gives players the Power to fight against demons and monsters in the game better than ever.

These are the best and easiest ways to get and use Karma.

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