Destiny 2: The Best Warlock Builds For PvP And PvE in 2022

Hello! Guardians. Are you looking for the ultimate Warlock build? Then you are at the right place as here we’ll show you what kind of out-of-the-box builds you can form with this class in Destiny 2 to dominate your adversaries in PvE & PvP.

Destiny 2 is an action MMO where you and your friends can join at any time to participate in a single dynamic world. You can alter your Guardian’s appearance and playstyle by unlocking powerful elemental abilities and collecting unique gear.

This MMO has three distinct classes: Hunter, Warlock, and Titan. Warlock is the most adaptable character of the bunch containing some of the best subclasses, and they can be excellent for team or solo play in most scenarios. In short, this class is a wonderful choice for a novice or a returning veteran looking for a fresh new start with this class’s massive damage output potential while also giving their teammates necessary support when needed.

As mentioned earlier, Warlocks are flexible characters who can heal and boost squadmates’ damage output, which makes them really versatile on the battlefield. In addition, they have some fantastic subclasses with great supers and grenades, making them lethal in both PvP and PvE. Their rift enables them to assist their teammates and themselves in any situation.

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What is Warlock Class?

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Warlock is an excellent class when dealing AoE damage to a large group of enemies. They are team-dependent characters. Unlike the hunter and Titan, they can use their healing rift and empowering rift to heal and increase squadmates’ damage output. Their unique subclasses are also excellent for assisting allies in any situation.

Their talent tree concentrates upon helping their squad and providing them with a bit of mobility. Like the Titan and Hunter classes, the Warlock class has four subclasses. Each specialization offers unique skills and playstyles so that players can experiment and find the exact one that they want.

The best Build For PvP

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In Destiny 2, the Voidwalker Warlock has a lot of PvP potential. They can be nightmares for their opponent as they have effective super and crafty grenades that can easily turn the tide of a battle. Just keep throwing your grenades, and you’ll be OK in any situation. However, you may need to boost your grenade uptime to make it a viable playstyle. In addition to that, they can double jump and glide away from hostile fire using their glide.

Nova bomb is an excellent super for Voidwalker Warlock in PvP. Their super can fire an explosive bolt of void light at their opponent, which will melt their opponent within the radius. It would help if you used Scatter Grenade for this build. This grenade will split into many smaller mines and covers a large area with explosions.

You may also want to use Strafe Glide for the jump because you can use the jump to move in any direction you want. Life Steal is an excellent modifier for this build as it makes your Warlock heal faster whenever you damage the enemy. Contraverse Hold, Nothing Manacles, Astrocyte Verse, and Secant Filaments are great options for this build. In terms of armor, you can practically use any armor that you have. Also, any energy-based weapon is excellent for this build for the life-steal modifiers.

The best Build For PvE

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Stromcaller is the most exciting Warlock build for PvE as this arc-based warlock subclass utilizes cold-based damage, which enables them to freeze a massive group of enemies. That is why they are the strongest endgame PvE warlock build for the current meta. In addition, their ability to glide makes them difficult to catch, as they can fly all over the map.

Stromcaller Warlock has a great super at its disposal, which freezes your enemies. This is the best super for freezing your opponent and breaking them into little pieces. Pair that with the Storm Grenade for this Warlock build, as it can summon a lightning storm within a radius. Any enemy caught within the radius will take freezing damage.

And you should use Balanced Glide for the jump as it can buff your movement speed and control. You can use any exotic armor to maximize your build, but we recommend using Crown of Tempests, Getaway Artist, Stormdancer’s Brace, and Geomag Stabilizers. Any shotgun is ideal with this build, but it would be helpful to fight a large group of enemies if you have an AoE weapon.

These are the two strongest Warlock Builds for PvP and PvE in Destiny 2. Of course, you may always tweak them and play around to make sure they are the right match for you. Hope this helps, and best of luck out there, Guardian.

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