Destiny 2: The Best Titan Builds For PvP And PvE In 2022

Good day, Guardians! Are you concerned about which Titan to choose and what builds you should go for in the new meta? Here we’ll guide you on creating the best Titan build for Destiny 2, so you can jump into a game without worrying about your build being unusable.

Destiny 2 is a multiplayer online game that allows you and your friends to join at any time and participate in a single dynamic environment. You can personalize your Guardian’s appearance and playstyle by acquiring powerful elemental powers and earning unique items.

This MMO has three distinct classes: Hunter, Warlock, and Titan, all with their unique abilities and subclasses. Titans are Destiny 2’s most defensive and tanky character, making them the most resilient out of the three classes, but they sacrificed mobility and recovery to gain this much agility. So understandably, they excel at defending their teammates and themselves in tough situations.

Titan builds are self-explanatory, given that they are the toughest guardians in the game. However, the Destiny 2 Witch Queen update made changes to the character builds, including Titans. So, here we’ll discuss the ideal Titan build for PvP and PvE in the current meta.

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What is Titan Class?

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Titans are the most defensive and tanky characters in Destiny 2. In addition to their bulkiness, Titans have a jet pack jump to fly in any direction, which makes them somewhat mobile but obviously not as much as their more mobile contemporaries like Hunter.

Unsurprisingly, the Titan’s primary class ability is a ground barrier that they can deploy to cover teammates from incoming fire. Additionally, this class also has access to two types of barriers: one that can protect you from enemy fire and another that you can crouch behind to increase your reload speed.

On top of that, some armor will temporarily change the behavior of your barricade, allowing you to shoot through it, which is especially useful in PVP encounters. And in terms of unique class items, they have the hunter cloak, which is called A mark.

With various DLC and new updates, Destiny 2 has undergone many changes. The Witch Queen is the most recent of the bunch, and it has brought some significant changes to the character builds. Similarly, Titans Builds have changed throughout the year, and its subclasses have changed significantly with the new update.

The Best Build For PvE

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Sentinel Titan is known as the best Titan in the game for PvE in the current meta, as they are really effective at killing hordes of enemies, which makes them ideal for PvE and farming items. Sentinel Titan is ideal for lengthy farming sessions as it can absorb a lot of damage.

Sentinel Shield is the best defensive super for the Sentinel Titan. Unsurprisingly, this void-based shield is excellent for attacking and guarding, making them optimal for defending against a large group of enemies. Additionally, the Magnetic Grenade is a perfect choice for fighting a horde of enemies as these grenades will attach to the enemies and deal damage when they explode, and the best part is they explode twice.

Catapult Lift is the best jump for this Titan build since it helps reach high altitudes and increase movement speed. To bring out the full potential of this build, you might want to use exotic armor like Ursa Furiosa, Doom Fang Pauldron, and Helm of Saint-14. Any weapon is excellent for this build as long as you can kill your enemies efficiently in conjunction with your abilities.

The best Build For PvP

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Sunbreaker Titan is one of the best PvP Titans available in Destiny 2’s current meta, as they can be pretty painful to fight in close-quarter encounters. On top of that, their super is super effective. And with this class’s affinity towards grenades, they are a force to be reckoned with in PvP environments.

Since Titans are the toughest out of the three core classes, their primary purpose is to absorb incoming damage like a sponge. Additionally, with their super, they can wreck their opponent. And if you want to utilize your Sunbreaker Titan builds to their utmost limit, you need to make great use of their super in conjunction with your other utilities.

For weapons, the Hammer of Sol hammer is a fiery option that can deal devastating damage to your enemies. Next, you will need to utilize your Incendiary Grenade as it will burn your enemies when it explodes and will deal damage over time. Finally, it would be best to use Increased Control for the jumps because it will allow you to go in any direction that you want in order to avoid enemy fire.

For the armor, it would be best if you use Hallowfire Heart, Phoenix Cradle, Ashen Wake, and Khepri’s Horn, but you can use any armor you have in your inventory. Any close-range weapon, like a shotgun or hand cannon, is an excellent choice for this Titan builds.

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These are the two most powerful Titan Builds in Destiny 2 for PvE and PvP. So, naturally, you are free to tweak these builds and experiment with them. Hope this helps, and best of luck out there, Guardian.

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