Destiny 2: Season Of Defiance: Best Mods To Unlock

Annanda Islam
By Annanda Islam
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Are you looking for the best mods in the season of Defiance? Here we will go through all the best mods to unlock, where to use them, and their perks and abilities.

Destiny 2 is an Open world MMO RPG Developed by Bungie, and it is still one of the fan-favourite franchises after a decade. This MMO has a constantly evolving world where you can join your friends and family from anywhere at any time. You can also upgrade your loadout further with some seasonal gears and weapons.

Bungie constantly updates the game with new content and adds bits to their PvE storyline. As a result, Destiny 2’s story is continuously evolving, and players are experiencing new content with each update. Additionally, with the season of the Plunder, Bungie is adding some new storylines for players to explore. Destiny 2’s season usually lasts for three months and a total of four seasons a year.

As we all know, Bungie releases a new artifact every season, and you can unlock specific types of mods only from this artifact. However, you need to upgrade your artifact first to unlock these mods. Artifact upgrade also depends on other general upgrades like weapons and gears. So, play through Destiny 2 activities, earn Exp, and upgrade your artifacts.

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Best Mods To Unlock

Image Source: Bungie

As you progress through the artifacts upgrade, you will unlock several mods for each level. There are five mod tiers in your artifact, each with five mods. There is a total of 25 mods that you can unlock. Although it may take some time investment, you can unlock a total of 12 mods eventually.

You cant unlock all 25 mods and opt-in for the best mods instead. Additionally, we’ll also mention what benefits you’ll get from them. Here we’ll list the best mods you can unlock this season:

  • Anti-Barrier Pulse Rifles: Your equipped Sidearms pierce Barrier Champion shields. Additionally, Sidearms are always Overcharged when that modifier is active.
  • Overload Bows: Damage by fully drawn arrows from your equipped Bows stuns Overload Champions. Additionally, Bows are always Overcharged when that modifier is active.
  • Unstoppable Scout Rifles: Aiming down sights with a Scout Rifle for a short time loads an explosive payload, stunning Unstoppable Champions. Additionally, Scout Rifles are always Overcharged when that modifier is active.
  • Automatics Overload: Uninterrupted fire from your equipped Auto Rifles and SMGs grants overload bullets that stun Overload Champions. Additionally, Auto Rifles and Submachine Guns are always Overcharged when that modifier is active.
  • Authorized Mods: Void: All Void armor mods are significantly discounted.
  • Authorized Mods: Grenades: All armor mods that affect grenades are significantly discounted.
  • Multi-Siphon Mods: Unlock additional armor mods that combine the effects of Strand Siphon, Solar Siphon, and Void Siphon.
  • Shatter Orbs: Generate an Orb of Power upon breaking a combatant’s shield that matches your weapon’s damage type.
  • Volatile Flow: Picking up an Orb of Power grants your Void weapons Volatile Rounds.
  • Bricks From Beyond: Defeating a powerful combatant with a Void weapon has a chance to drop Heavy ammo for you and your fireteam.
  • Rain Of Firebolts: When you have Firebolt Grenades equipped, gain a second grenade charge.
  • Void Weapons Channeling: Gain a temporary bonus to Void weapon damage after you defeat a target with a Void weapon while you have at least one Void ability fully charged. This damage bonus increases based on the number of fully charged Void abilities you have.

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These are some of the best mods you should unlock and use in Destiny 2 Season of Defiancer. Hopefully, this guide was helpful, and you have learned something new. You can also check out our other guides to help you take your Destiny 2 journey to the next level. Good luck out there, Guardians.

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