Destiny 2: How to Unlock the Taipan-4FR Linear Fusion Rifle

Annanda Islam
By Annanda Islam
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Image Source: Bungie / KackishHD

Are you looking for the new Fusion Rifle Taipan-4FR and want to find out how to unlock it? Then you are in luck, as here we will talk about how to obtain the Taipan-4FR, the best perks, and more.

Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer game where you and your friends can join at any time and play in a dynamic world that is constantly evolving. You can change how your Guardian looks and plays by obtaining robust elemental powers, handcrafted weapons, and unique items. You can also upgrade your loadout further with some seasonal gears and weapons.

With the brand new season, Bungie has released a series of weapons, and Taipan-4FR is one of them. So while half of the community is busy figuring out Arc 3.0 and its new aspects and fragments, the other half is trying to find the best weapon in the season of the plunder. And by the look of it, they have already found one of the best linear fusion rifles this season.

We will go through everything there is to know about this linear fusion rifle and how to obtain it. Why is this weapon going to the new meta this season? And more. So let’s dive in, Shall we?

How to Unlock the Taipan-4FR

Image Source: Bungie / KackishHD

Before talking about the perks and abilities, we must unlock the weapon first. To unlock this weapon, you have to complete a quest that came with the new update. You’ll also unlock its pattern and the ability to craft it, so you don’t have to worry about getting a God Roll. Instead, you can make your own perfect God Roll.

However, you can also get this weapon from the world loot pool if you are lucky enough. But that is extremely rare, and it might take ages. We are saying it because the world loot pool has a massive list of gears and weapons, and getting it from there is extremely hard. If you are not that lucky and want a guaranteed weapon, then you can complete a quest from Throne World.

Follow these steps to complete the Throne World quest easily

Image Source: Bungie / KackishHD
  1. Head to the Onclave in the Throne World destination, where you go to craft weapons, and you’ll notice a new quest is available.
  2. Interact with the Relic conduit, and you will notice that there is a quest called “Ascendant Alloy Requisition.”
  3. Grab the quest, and you will get the red Ammit AR2 auto rifle upon accepting a few things. This is another new world drop weapon.
  4. Upon accepting the new weapon, you will be prompted to do a vanguard playlist activity with this weapon and complete its deep sight.
  5. After completing that vanguard strike, if you get the deep sight done, you will receive another red Ammit AR2.
  6. You will be prompted to another objective upon accepting the second Red Ammit AR2. Complete the objective, and you will be prompted to Onclave again.
  7. Now you can grab the Red Taipan-4FR, and you will be prompted to do a Dares of eternity and Wellspring activity.
  8. Upon completing those activities, you will receive another Red Taipan-4FR.
  9. At the End of this quest, you will have two Red Ammit-AR2 and two Taipan-4FR.

Why is Taipan-4FR So Sought After Right Now?

Image Source: Bungie / KackishHD

Taipan-4FR is a Precision frame Linear Fusion Rifle that gets the Veist stinger origin trait. This is the second time we are getting a linear fusion rifle with the Veist stinger origin trait. The first Linear fusion rifle that had Veist stinger was Reed’s regret, and it only drops from the Trials of Osiris. Reeds regret was the best Linear fusion Rifle for PvE since its release.

So what makes Taipan-4FR better than the Reeds regret? Taipan-4FR can get all the God Rolls, for example, Triple tap and Firing line. However, this doesn’t stop here. The Taipan-4FR can get better Rolls than Reeds regrets as an origin trait, and on top of that, you can craft it as many times as you want before getting a satisfactory result.

Image Source: Bungie / KackishHD

Since it is a craftable weapon, you can easily roll for God rolls. You can make Triple tap, Firing line Reed regrets God Rolls but with enhanced perks that are outright better than Reed’s regret. Since Taipan-4FR is a void linear fusion rifle, you can use it in any PvE activities.

Now you have a new best-in-slot void linear fusion rifle for Destiny 2 that anyone can get by doing this quest. This weapon is very important for higher-level content, especially grandmasters when you got those acute burns like last season when it was acute void burns.

These are all there is to know about this legendary Linear Fusion Rifle. You can also check out our other Articles about the new season to help you take your Destiny 2 journey to the next level. Good luck out there, Guardians.

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