Destiny 2: Season of the Deep – Salvage Activity And Rewards Guide

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Let’s take a look at the Season of the Deep – salvage activity and rewards guide, dive into the depths of this exciting new season, and unravel the mysteries that await.

Destiny 2 takes players on an exhilarating journey through a vast, immersive universe. You wield incredible powers as a Guardian to defend humanity against its enemies.

Destiny 2 introduces exciting content and activities with each new season to keep players engaged and entertained. The developers of Destiny 2 continuously strive to deliver fresh experiences that push the boundaries of the Destiny universe.

In the latest Season of the Deep, Destiny 2 released an activity called Salvage. As part of this activity, players can dive into the depths of dangerous locations, scavenging for valuable relics and artifacts. However, they must also face off against relentless enemies who seek to claim these treasures for themselves.

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Salvage Activity Guide

Salvage Activity Guide
Image Source: Bungie

The Salvage Activity offers an exciting challenge for players. It consists of progressing through randomized rooms and completing various tasks before facing the boss. As you venture into this activity, be prepared to adapt to different room configurations and work closely with your team.

One crucial section of the activity is Site Reliability, where your objective is to repair power relays. You can pick up these tools and repair designated stations by clearing out the area and defeating enemies carrying wrenches. It’s vital to coordinate with your team and quickly eliminate enemies to speed up the appearance of the necessary wrenches.

In Site Security, your teamwork and coordination will be put to the test as you protect three Salvage drops. Prevent enemies from getting too close to the drops, as their progress cannot be reversed once they gain control. Utilize heavy ammo and powerful supers to keep enemies at bay while ensuring efficient communication with your teammates.

Site Reliability

Salvage Activity Guide
Image Source: Bungie

Site Reliability is integral to the Salvage Activity. In this section, your main goal is to repair power relays scattered throughout the area. You must clear out the surrounding enemies and locate those carrying giant wrenches to accomplish this.

As you eliminate enemies, be on the lookout for foes with red icons above their heads. These enemies will carry the giant wrenches you need to pick up. Once you have obtained a wrench, you can take it to the designated station and use it to repair the power relay. This activity requires coordination and teamwork, as enemies will spawn from all corners of the area.

To succeed in Site Reliability, it is crucial to have a solid ad clear build equipped. Choose a loadout that excels at eliminating enemies quickly, regardless of your subclass. Effectively clearing out enemies will hasten the appearance of the wrench-carrying foes and ensure a smoother progression through the activity.

Site Security

Salvage Activity Guide
Image Source: Bungie

In this part of the activity, your main objective is to protect three Salvage drops from enemy capture. The primary mechanic revolves around preventing enemies from getting too close to the drops, as their progress toward capturing the spots cannot be undone.

To succeed in Site Security, playing in teams of two or more is highly advisable. By dividing your team and strategically positioning yourselves around the Salvage drops, you can effectively cover multiple angles and ensure the enemies don’t overrun you. The faster you eliminate enemies and keep them from reaching the drops, the better your chances of success.

While there are no mini-bosses or major bosses in this section, utilizing your heavy ammunition and supers is crucial to clear out enemies swiftly. With no need to hold back, let loose with your most powerful abilities to maintain control and protect the Salvage drops. Remember, the objective is to keep the enemies at bay until the completion of the objective.

Ordnance Disposal

Salvage Activity Guide
Image Source: Bungie

Ordnance Disposal is a crucial stage in the Salvage Activity. Your primary objective in this section is to dispose of multiple bombs scattered throughout the arena. However, the challenge lies in the fact that multiple bombs will spawn simultaneously.

To successfully complete the Ordnance Disposal section, it is essential to split up and cover different areas of the arena. This ensures that your team can reach and dispose of all the bombs quickly. It is crucial not to cluster together, as doing so may result in failure if you can’t reach all the bombs within the allotted time.

Depending on your team composition, you may choose to split into three teams of two or have designated bomb runners supported by ad-clear players. Adapt your strategy based on the strengths and preferences of your team. Remember to communicate effectively to coordinate bomb disposal efforts and ensure that no bombs are left behind.

Higher health enemies, including yellow bar foes, will become more prevalent as you progress through the Ordnance Disposal section. Therefore, it is vital to balance efficiency and survival. Playing strategically, utilizing supers, and using a cover will help you stay alive while successfully disposing of the bombs.


Salvage Activity Guide
Image Source: Bungie

Your primary objective in this section is to engage in ad clearing to progress through the activity smoothly. Equipping a solid ad-clearing build that suits your playstyle and helps you eliminate enemies effectively is crucial.

As you engage in Engineering, you will encounter enemies dropping fuses upon defeat. Your team must collect and bring these fuses to the designated crane locations. In most instances, it takes two fuses to repair each crane. Therefore, a suggested strategy is to form three teams of two to handle the ad clearing and fuse collection efficiently.

Effective communication and coordination with your team members are vital during Engineering. Splitting up responsibilities and ensuring each team member knows their role in clearing ads and collecting fuses will contribute to a more streamlined experience. Remember to use roaming supers and abilities that excel at ad clearing to progress swiftly through this section.

Survivability is key during Engineering, especially as you encounter higher health enemies and potentially yellow bar foes. While focusing on ad clearing, also prioritize staying alive. Utilize defensive abilities, take cover when needed, and play smart to minimize the risk of wiping and maximize your chances of success.

Locate The Disruption

Salvage Activity Guide
Image Source: Bungie

After completing three of the four activities in the Salvage Activity, the next step is to locate the disruption. In this phase, you will experience a quick transmat effect reminiscent of Gambit. You and your team will be transported underwater, where you must find air bubbles and navigate through the submerged environment.

Locating the disruption is a straightforward task. Follow the air bubbles, which act as markers guiding you through the underwater section. Keep an eye out for the bubbles and move from one to another, progressing towards your objective. This new Under the Sea mechanic adds a unique element to the activity, immersing you in an exciting underwater environment.

As you explore underwater, stay vigilant and work together with your team. Communication is essential to ensure everyone stays on the right path and safely reaches the next air bubble. Move efficiently but cautiously, taking note of any obstacles or enemy encounters that may arise along the way.

Defeat Azshradat

Salvage Activity Guide
Image Source: Bungie

Once you have located the disruption in the Salvage Activity, the final challenge awaits defeating Azshradat, the boss of the activity. Prepare yourself and your team for an epic showdown against this formidable opponent.

To begin the encounter, your team will rally and proceed to the first phase of the boss fight. In this phase, you will face the Rune Keepers, shielded yellow bar enemies. To break their shields, you need to acquire the heinous right buff. Solve the symbol puzzle by matching the symbol in the middle with the corresponding plate, granting you the buff. Standing on the plate will remove the shield from the Rune Keepers, allowing you to eliminate them.

Efficiency and coordination are crucial during this phase. Work together to quickly identify the symbol and assign teammates to the corresponding plates. Time is of the essence, as you have a limited duration to eliminate all four Rune Keepers once the shields are down. Coordinate your firepower, utilize supers, and swiftly eliminate enemies.

After dealing with the Rune Keepers, the battle transitions to the second phase, the final confrontation with Azshradat. The same mechanics apply, where you must match the symbol to the corresponding plate to break the boss’s shield. Once the shield is down, unleash your firepower and unleash everything you have on Azshradat.

Depending on your team’s strategy, you can opt for an aggressive approach, maximizing your damage output during the shield phase. Alternatively, a more defensive approach with support abilities and survivability can provide a safer path to victory. Adapt your playstyle to your team’s strengths and preferences.

Salvage Keys

Salvage Activity Guide
Image Source: Bungie

Salvage Keys are special items that are automatically redeemed when you open a Salvage Chest in Destiny 2. These keys enhance the rewards you receive from the Salvage Chest, providing you with additional loot and valuable items.

Salvage Chests can be found at the end of Salvage activities, serving as the ultimate reward for completing the challenges within the activity. These chests contain various treasures, including weapons, armor, mods, resources, and other valuable items to aid you in your Guardian’s journey.

By obtaining and redeeming Salvage Keys, you increase your chances of receiving better rewards from the Salvage Chest. The keys act as a bonus mechanism, enhancing the loot drops and improving the overall quality of the items you receive.

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In conclusion, Season of the Deep’s Salvage activity offers Guardians an engaging and dynamic experience. Whether defending salvage piles, protecting a Hive ritual portal, disposing of ordnance, repairing salvage cranes, or deactivating explosives, each job presents unique challenges that require coordination and skill. By mastering these tasks and working together as a fireteam, players can progress through the activity and confront the final boss, Azshradat.

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