Destiny 2: Season of The Deep – Fishing Guide

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Discover the ultimate fishing experience in Season of The Deep! Dive into our comprehensive fishing guide and reel in legendary & exotic catches. Learn the best techniques, locations, and bait to use for the best fishing experience.

Destiny 2 takes players on an exhilarating journey through a vast and dynamic universe. Engage in epic battles, explore stunning landscapes, and uncover the secrets of a richly detailed world. As a Guardian, you possess unique abilities and powerful weapons, allowing you to confront menacing enemies and shape the fate of the galaxy.

With the release of the new Season, Destiny 2 offers a fresh wave of excitement and challenges. Prepare to embark on thrilling quests, unlock powerful gear, and engage in intense cooperative and competitive activities. From explosive raids to adrenaline-pumping PvP battles, there’s something for every Guardian seeking the ultimate gaming experience.

Get ready to dive deep into the mysteries of Season of The Deep with our comprehensive Fishing Guide. We’ll equip you with all the knowledge and strategies you need to become a master angler. Discover the best fishing locations, learn the art of bait selection, and unravel the secrets behind legendary and exotic catches.

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How to Unlock Fishing In Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 Fishing Guide
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To unlock Fishing in Destiny 2, you’ll need to make progress in the Season of the Deep campaign. Here are the steps to unlock Fishing:

  • Start by playing through the introductory missions of the Season of the Deep campaign. These missions involve rescuing Sloan and completing the Salvage mission.
  • After completing the Salvage mission, you’ll receive the Deep Dive mission. Finish this mission as well to progress further.
  • Once you’ve completed the Deep Dive mission, you’ll be instructed to visit Hawthorne at the tower. Head to the tower and speak to Hawthorne.
  • Hawthorne will provide you with a fishing rod and teach you about collecting fishing tackle. This is where your fishing journey begins.
  • Follow the quest line given by Hawthorne. It will lead you to three fishing holes located on Nessus, the E.D.Z., and Savathun’s Throne World.
  • Visit each fishing hole and try your hand at Fishing. Immerse yourself in the tranquil activity and enjoy the serene atmosphere.
  • Finally, return to the H.E.L.M. and deposit your first batch of fish into the tank. This signifies your entry into the world of Fishing in Destiny 2.

After unlocking Fishing, you can continue your angling adventures by collecting bait, discovering new fishing spots, and striving to catch rare and legendary fish. Enjoy the relaxing and rewarding activity of Fishing in Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep!

How to Find Bait For Fishing?

Destiny 2 Fishing Guide
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In Season of the Deep, you can find bait for Fishing by completing various activities. Here’s how you can obtain bait:

  • Salvage Missions: Completing Salvage missions is a reliable way to earn bait. These missions can reward you with a significant amount of bait, with up to 16 pieces per completion. Keep an eye out for Salvage missions and prioritize participating in them to stock up on bait.
  • Deep Dive and Playlist Activities: Deep Dive missions and participating in playlist activities also offer opportunities to obtain bait. While the amount of bait earned from these activities is generally lower than Salvage missions, they still contribute to your bait collection.
  • Public Events and Patrols: Participating in public events and completing patrols on various destinations can also reward you with bait. Although the amount of bait earned from these activities may be smaller, they can still contribute to your overall bait supply. Keep an eye out for public events and take part in patrols to collect additional bait while exploring the game world.
  • Planetary Materials: Collecting planetary materials found throughout the different destinations in Destiny 2 can grant you a single piece of bait per collection. While this method yields smaller amounts of bait compared to other activities, it’s still a way to accumulate bait over time steadily. Make sure to gather planetary materials during your gameplay sessions to add to your bait inventory.

Remember that there is a cap on the number of baits you can hold in your inventory, which is up to 500. Keep track of your bait count and ensure you don’t reach the cap to avoid missing out on potential bait rewards from activities.

All the Fishing Locations in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Fishing Guide
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In Destiny 2, there are three main fishing locations where you can cast your line and enjoy the tranquil activity of Fishing. Here are the fishing locations available in the game:

  • The Outskirts – European Dead Zone (E.D.Z.): Located in the Outskirts area of the E.D.Z., you’ll find a fishing hole where you can test your angling skills. Look for a circle of wooden planks over the water with fish decorations hanging from it. This fishing spot offers its own unique set of fish to catch.
  • The Cistern – Nessus: In the Cistern area on the planet Nessus, there is another fishing hole waiting to be discovered. Follow the map marker or the white beam of light in the sky to locate the fishing spot. Like the other locations, it will feature a circle of wooden planks over the water with fish decorations. You’ll encounter a variety of fish species here.
  • The Miasma – Savathun’s Throne World: Within Savathun’s Throne World, known as the Miasma, you’ll find yet another fishing spot to explore. Look for the distinctive circle of wooden planks adorned with fish decorations hanging above the water. Each location offers its own unique fish population to catch.

These fishing locations provide serene environments where you can relax, cast your line, and aim for the perfect catch. Explore the Outskirts in the E.D.Z., the Cistern on Nessus, and the Miasma within Savathun’s Throne World to experience the joys of Fishing in Destiny 2.

How to Catch Fish In Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 Fishing Guide
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To catch fish in Destiny 2, follow these steps:

  • Locate a Fishing Hole: Visit one of the designated fishing locations in Destiny 2. Look for the circle of wooden planks over the water with fish decorations hanging from it. These indicate the presence of a fishing hole.
  • Stand on the Planks: Position your character on the wooden planks near the water’s edge. Face the water, preparing for your fishing attempt.
  • Cast Your Line: Press the interact button to cast your fishing line into the water. The line will be visible, extending into the depths.
  • Observe the Bobber: Watch your bobber closely. It will float on the water’s surface, indicating a potential fish bite.
  • Time Your Interaction: As soon as you see your bobber dip beneath the water, quickly press the interact button again. This action mimics reeling in your catch.
  • Aim for Perfect Timing: The timing of your interaction is crucial. The faster you react and press the button once the bobber dips, the better the quality of your catch. Strive for a “perfect” interaction to secure the highest-quality fish.
  • Use Bait: Each fishing attempt consumes one bait. Ensure you have enough bait in your inventory to continue Fishing.
  • Avoid Early Interactions: Be careful not to press the interact button before the bobber goes underwater, as this will result in withdrawing your hook without catching any fish.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a skilled angler in Destiny 2. Enjoy the serene pastime of Fishing and discover a wide range of fish species scattered throughout the game’s fishing locations.

What Is Focused Fishing?

Destiny 2 Fishing Guide
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Focused Fishing is a gameplay mechanic in Destiny 2 that enhances the fishing experience by increasing the chances of encountering rare fish. When you engage in fishing activities, a Focused Fishing meter appears on the left side of your screen. This meter indicates your current Focused Fishing level. The meter rises as you and other players fish in the same area, and the more fishing activity that occurs, the higher the meter goes.

By actively participating in group fishing sessions and using bait, you can maximize your Focused Fishing level and improve your chances of catching uncommon, rare, and even legendary fish. It’s important to start Fishing as soon as a fishing hole appears to ensure uninterrupted Fishing and to prevent the Focused Fishing meter from resetting due to public events.

Fishing Rewards

Destiny 2 Fishing Guide
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Engaging in fishing activities in Destiny 2 offers various rewards that make the experience even more worthwhile. Here’s what you can expect to obtain from Fishing:

  • Fish Decorations and Triumphs: Each fishing location has its own set of fish species. By catching different fish, you can earn decorations for your aquarium. Your triumph page keeps track of the fish you have caught and how many, allowing you to showcase your angling accomplishments.
  • Reckoning Weapons: Fishing serves as the primary source for obtaining this Season’s Reckoning weapons. To acquire a Reckoning weapon, you’ll first need to find it while Fishing. Catching legendary fish and turning them in at the aquarium in the H.E.L.M. grants you a chance to receive armor, materials, exotics, and Reckoning weapons. Aim for legendary fish and exchange them for acquiring these powerful weapons.
  • Armor, Materials, and Exotics: Alongside Reckoning weapons, turning in legendary fish at the aquarium can also reward you with armor, valuable materials, and even exotic items. Expand your collection and power up your Guardian by reeling in those prized fish.

By participating in Fishing, you can earn unique decorations, triumphs, Reckoning weapons, armor, materials, and exotics.

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In conclusion, Destiny 2’s fishing activity, introduced in Season of the Deep, provides players with a casual and enjoyable experience amidst the chaotic world of Guardians. As you explore various fishing locations, such as the Outskirts, the Cistern, and the Miasma, you’ll have the opportunity to catch a diverse array of fish species.

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