Destiny 2 Lightfall Expansion: New Subclasses and Abilities

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Destiny 2 Lightfall Expansion introduces brand new subclasses with powerful abilities to enhance your gameplay experience. Explore the new Light and Darkness abilities, each with unique playstyles and strengths.

Destiny 2 is a popular online multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie. Players can explore different planets, complete missions, and engage in player-versus-player combat.

Bungie releases new expansions for Destiny 2 every year, each adding new content and features to the game. These expansions bring new storylines, weapons, armor, and game modes. It keeps the game fresh and exciting for players.

We will explain the new subclasses and their abilities in the latest Expansion. Learn how to harness the power of light and darkness to overcome your enemies. Our guide will help you get the most out of your Destiny 2 experience.

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New Subclasses and Their Abilities

New Subclasses and Their Abilities
Image Source: Bungie

In the upcoming Destiny 2 expansion, Lightfall, every subclass will receive new abilities to enhance gameplay. This includes both existing subclasses and the new Light and Darkness subclasses. These new abilities will provide players with new ways to approach combat and tackle challenges in the game.

The new abilities for existing subclasses will build on their existing skill trees, adding new options for players to customize their playstyle. Each subclass will receive at least one new ability, ranging from new grenades to new supers. Players must strategize and experiment with these new abilities to find the best ones for their playstyle.

The new Light and Darkness subclasses will also have unique abilities, with each subclass having its own skills to master. The Light subclasses will offer a new support playstyle, while the Darkness subclasses will provide more aggressive options for players. These new abilities will open up new possibilities for players to explore and master, making the game feel fresh and exciting.

Titan Berserker

New Subclasses and Their Abilities
Image Source: Bungie

The Titan Berserker subclass is a ferocious and fearless warrior in Destiny 2. Their untamed nature allows them to fearlessly charge into the fray, using their powerful claws to tear through enemies easily. The Berserker subclass is known for its offensive capabilities, with abilities that allow players to deal massive damage and control the battlefield.

Their ferocity and courage make them valuable assets in any fight, as they fearlessly take on the toughest foes, often at great personal risk. With their ability to manifest claws and their fearless nature, the Titan Berserker is a formidable force to be reckoned with in the world of Destiny 2.


  • Bladefury: Weave powerful claws and charge the battlefield armed with new Light and Heavy attacks at your disposal.
  • Frenzied Blade: Dash at your targets and slash at them with blades of finely honed Strand.
  • Into the Fray: Enhance your armor with Woven Mail and increase your melee regeneration.
  • Drengr’s Lash: Unleash a frontal shockwave that suspends targets caught in the blast.

Warlock Broodweaver

New Subclasses and Their Abilities
Image Source: Bungie

The Warlock Broodweaver subclass in Destiny 2 is a powerful telekinetic class that manipulates the Weave to its advantage. They possess a unique ability to bend the strands of the Weave to their will, creating creatures that obey their every command. With their mastery of the Weave, Broodweavers are a formidable force in combat, using their telekinetic powers to manipulate the battlefield and outmaneuver their opponents.

Their ability to create creatures from the Weave makes the Broodweaver subclass one of the most unique in the game. They can create creatures to protect them or attack their enemies, giving them a strategic advantage in any fight. Their manipulation of the Weave also allows them to control the battlefield by moving objects and enemies with their telekinetic abilities. The Warlock Broodweaver subclass is a powerful and versatile option for players looking for a unique playstyle in Destiny 2.


  • Needlestorm: Weave a cloud of Strand before shattering it, causing a hailstorm of piercing missiles that detonate upon impact.
  • Arcane Needle: Throw a Strand needle that tracks your target and unravels them.
  • Weaver’s Call: When casting a rift, weave three Threadlings on the ground in front of you.
  • Mindspun Invocation: Empower your grenades with additional Broodweaver-specific qualities.

Hunter Threadrunner

New Subclasses and Their Abilities
Image Source: Bungie

The Hunter Threadrunner subclass in Destiny 2 is a master of lethal grace, using their skill and agility to become an almost untouchable force in combat. They use the Weave to their advantage, allowing them to dance and move with incredible speed and precision, making them difficult to hit in combat. The city becomes their playground as they gracefully navigate through even the most dangerous situations.

Threadrunners are known for their unique playstyle, which emphasizes mobility and evasiveness. Their abilities allow them to move quickly and fluidly, making them difficult targets to hit, even in the midst of intense combat.

With their mastery of the Weave, Threadrunners can also create and manipulate threads to their advantage, using them to trap enemies or move themselves to safety. The Hunter Threadrunner subclass is a deadly and versatile option for players looking for a fast-paced, high-skill playstyle in Destiny 2.


  • Silkstrike: Combine a grappling hook and rope dart to exploit the battlefield and deftly execute your targets.
  • Threaded Spike: Throw a rope dart that damages targets, ricochets, and returns melee energy.
  • Ensnaring Slam: Descend upon your targets from above, slamming the ground and suspending them in the blast.
  • Widow’s Silk: Grapple more often and create grapple points that you and your fireteam can use indefinitely.

Shared Abilities

New Subclasses and Their Abilities
Image Source: Bungie

Every class that draws power from the Weave is lured to the Darkness by the strength it promises.

  • Grapple: Weave the fabric of reality and unlock new elements of movement, strategy, and speed.
  • Grenades: Tightly woven threads of utility and destruction imbued with functionality from the Weave.
  • Grapple Melee: Grapple toward an enemy to unleash a powerful Strand-empowered melee attack that unravels them.

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The Destiny 2 Lightfall Expansion is set to bring a host of new subclasses and abilities to the game, providing players with new ways to approach combat and tackle challenges. With the addition of the Light and Darkness subclasses, players will have even more options to explore and master, each with unique playstyles and strengths.

Whether you’re a fan of the aggressive Berserker subclass, the telekinetic abilities of the Broodweaver, or the grace and agility of the Threadrunner, there’s a subclass to suit every playstyle in the Lightfall Expansion.

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