Destiny 2: How to Increase Your Gambit Infamy Rank in 2023

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Are you seeking an efficient method to increase your Destiny 2 Gambit Infamy Rank? Then you’re in luck, as in this article, we will discuss how to swiftly improve your Gambit Infamy Rank in “Season of the Haunted.”

Destiny 2 is a popular looter-shooter video game developed by Bungie, and they are also renowned for the creation Halo series. In this MMO RPG, you can choose from three separate classes and earn a variety of equipment and exotics to personalize the appearance of your Guardian. You can also level up your characters by completing Nightfall, Crucible, and other events.

Since Destiny 2’s release, Bungie has consistently added new content via DLCs and seasonal updates. Alongside the introduction of new seasons, they bring new activities that are directly related to in-game Vendors. Therefore, players must increase their Rank with these Vendors to access these activities.

Each Season, Players can participate in the Vanguard, Gambit, and Crucible playlists to improve their reputation with the corresponding vendors and gain rewards. After the current season ends, progress will reset, and new rewards will become available for the next season.

Similarly, players must increase their Gambit rank to access Gambit Infamy Rewards. The Drifter directs Gambit and offers analysis, and organizes matches. Players can earn infamy rank points by playing Gambit matches and activities from The Drifter.

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What are Gambit Infamy Ranks?

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There are a total of Sixteen Gambit Infamy Ranks in Destiny 2. Players must earn a certain amount of gambit points to ascend to the next Rank. After reaching the next Rank, players can visit The Drifter to receive the Gambit Infamy rank-up rewards.

The Drifter can be found in the Tower Annex, representing the Gambit. In order to obtain items from The Drifter, players must participate in Gambit matches throughout the season and earn higher Gambit Ranks. The Higher a player can reach, the better rewards they will get.

Players will no longer need to manually reset their Gambit Ranks once they reach the max Rank. Instead, their Gambit Ranks will be reset automatically upon collecting the last rank reward from The Drifter. Resetting Gambit Ranks allows players to continue earning rank-up incentives, with a few rewards differing from their initial Season completion.

Total Points To Rank Up

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Gambit pits two competing teams against the minions of Darkness, with the twist that each team can send a player to invade and disrupt their enemy team. Players can earn points toward their Infamy rank by completing matches and bounties obtained from The Drifter.

Players can earn gambit points by finishing gambit matches. Back-to-Back gambit matches grant an activity streak of up to level 5. The greater a player’s active streak, the more points they will receive. However, note that starting a new activity will reset your streak.

TitlePoint to Obtain RankPoints to Next RankLossWin 1Win 2Win 3Win 4Win 5+
Guardian I025080100150175190200
Guardian II25035080100150175190200
Guardian III60040080100150175190200
Brave I100045075110160185200210
Brave II145050075110160185200210
Brave III195055075110160185200210
Heroic I250060065120170195210220
Heroic II310065065120170195210220
Heroic III375075065120170195210220
Fabled I450085050130180205220230
Fabled II5350100050130180205220230
Fabled III6350115050130180205220230
Mythic I7500130030140190215230240
Mythic II8800150030140190215230240
Mythic III10300170030140190215230240
All Gambit Infamy Ranks Points Requirements

Once a player has accumulated 15,000 Infamy points, they can reset their Rank to zero. Resetting occurs via the Drifter. Within a season, players may reset as many times as they like. However, at the end of every season, all Infamy ranks and points reset to zero.

What are the Infamy Rewards?

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Players who participate in Gambit will gain Infamy, a ranking system that depends on progression and awards points for completing matches. Completing any Gambit match will reward players with Infamy points, but winning games substantially will increase the Infamy points.

In addition, as players gain Infamy, they will gain access to Gambit-specific weapons and equipment. Increasing their Infamy rank allows players to earn ornaments, emblems, and weaponry. Also, a Gambit engram is awarded every time a player advances to a new Infamy tier.

All of the Drifter’s products correspond to a specific Infamy level. Therefore, some awards necessitate a certain rank, while others necessitate a certain amount of Infamy rank resets.

Infamy Rank Up Rewards

Image Source: Bungie
RankingRank LevelRank Name Rewards NameAfter Reset
1Rank upInitiateLegendary EngramNull
2Division Rank upGuardian IPrime EngramNull
3Rank 4Brave I3 Enhancement CoresNull
4Rank 7Heroic IFetid Copper Shader3 Enhancement Cores
5Rank 10Fabled I2 Enhancement PrismsNull
6Rank 13Mythic IBank Ghost Projection2 Enhancement Prisms
7Rank 16LegendAscendancy Rocket LauncherGambit-themed Ascendancy Ornament
8Rank 16 CompletedMaxed1 Ascendant Shard & Gambit Infamy Rank reset1 Exotic Engram
All Gambit Infamy Ranks Rewards

Tips & Tricks to Use to Earn More Infamy

Image Source: Bungie

As we know, the Gambit is a PvP gamemode, and ranking up is no easy task. You have to play a lot of gambit matches to earn gambit points from the Drifter. Although the gambit match itself is not that hard, you can efficiently complete a well-rounded gambit match within a couple of minutes.

Additionally, players can enhance their Infamy ranking by completing various gambit bounties offered by the Drifter. This includes specific weapon kills, melee kills, motes collected, etc. You can quickly complete these bounties while playing the Gambit.

Additionally, you can wait for the double Infamy Points week to increase your Rank further. With well-coordinated teammates, you can easily reach the Legend tier and reset your Rank several times within the double bonus week.

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Hopefully, this guide was helpful, and you have learned something new to help you with your Gambit infamy rank. You can also check out our other guides to help you take your Destiny 2 journey to the next level. Good luck out there, Guardians.

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