Destiny 2: Every Way To Obtain High-Stat Armor

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By Annanda Islam
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Are you looking to get High stat armors in Destiny 2? Then you are in luck, as here we will go through how to obtain high-stat armor and what are the best traits for them.

Destiny 2 is a free-to-play looter shooter multiplayer online game where you and your friend can join a constantly evolving world at any time. You can customize your character and gear with the right skills and knowledge, as well as collect high-stat gears and weapons from the world loot pool to make a more powerful loadout.

There are various types of armor in Destiny 2, and high-stat exotic gears are the best of them all. They have boosted perks and abilities, making your loadout more potent. You can make robust builds for your characters with the right armor equipped in your arsenal. Having said that, they are extremely rare and very hard to come by.

Like other guardians, if you are lost in this vast loot pool and don’t know how or where to get them, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will talk about some of the best places to farm high-stat armor in the game and the quickest & easiest possible way to obtain them.

This list was updated Based on Season of the Haunted (Season 17).

What is High Stat Armor in Destiny 2?

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High-stat armors are those that have a combined value of 60 or higher. Any armor that drops with a total of 60+ values is a high stats armor. Although some of the exotics armor can reach up to 70 total value, they are extremely rare and really hard to obtain.

There is a total of six stats available in any armor, and these stats combined is the total value of any armor. The total stat can be anywhere from 48 to 70, and each stat will have random points. Any 60+ total value armor is considered high stat armor throughout the Destiny 2 community.

The Six Stats available in any armors are:

  • Mobility: Determines strafe speed and initial jump height.
  • Resilience: Determines shield HP and resistance to Stasis.
  • Recovery: Determines health recharge delay and recovery speed.
  • Discipline: Determines grenade cooldowns.
  • Intellect: Determines Super cooldowns.
  • Strength: Determines melee ability cooldowns.

How to Get High Stat Armor?

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With the launch of the witch queen, we saw some of the best armor sources for high-stat armor removed from the game, including the expanded missions and also focusing umbral engrams for the season of the lost, season of the spicer, and season of the chosen over in the helm.

That being said, alongside the launch of the witch queen, we have seen new sources added to the game for the high stats armor. There are some methods that you can complete solo, while other needs the full fireteam team to complete them. Additionally, while some of these methods are instant, others might take hours to complete.

The sources/ methods are as follows:

  1. Dungeon Farming
  2. Weekly Milestones
  3. Raids
  4. Focusing on Engrams
  5. Legend Dares of Eternity
  6. Weekly Campaign Mission
  7. Master Wellspring
  8. Heroic Empire Hunts
  9. Trials of Osiris
  10. Master Lost Sectors

There are roughly ten methods to farm High stats gears. All of these are mostly end-game content, and some of them require DLCs to access them. However, some Ghost shell mods can greatly help you with high-stat armor farming while saving a lot of time in the process.

Best Ways to Obtain High Stat Armor

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There are a ton of ways to get high stat armor, but focusing on umbral engram is by far the easiest. At the helm, you can focus umbral engrams at the war table. If you have the armor decoding clearance upgrade, you can focus on armor that’s always mid to high 60s.

On top of that, you can use a ghost mod to ensure you get a high roll in your preferred stat. All you need for this is an umbral engram and 4 risen umbral energy, which drops from Psiops battlegrounds, and if you have umbral energy requisition, they’ll also drop from strikes crucible gambit dungeons and raids. Basically, every content in the game, so you shouldn’t have a hard time stocking up on them.

Best High Stat Armor to Focus on for PvE & PvP

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Armor stats really depends on your purpose only. If you love PvP, then you should be more focused on PvP stats like Mobility and Discipline, But If you want something for PvE, then you should focus on resilience and intellect. However, your armor’s stats also depend on your character and loadout.


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If you are a hunter main, you should be more focused on mobility stats for better movement and class abilities. However, hunters can also choose Resilience, Recovery, and discipline as their first priority. As for the secondary stats, you can select any of the rest for a potent hunter build.


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We recommend using Recovery as the main armor stats for warlock mains with Mobility and Resilience as their secondary stats. This is because warlocks are more versatile than the hunters; If they have a decent recovery with a bit of resilience, they can shine in any situation.


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Lastly, we recommend using resilience as the main stat with some mobility and strength as the secondary stat for Titan mains. Titans are popular for their hammer-throwing ability, and if you have good strength on your armor, then the melee ability cooldown will be reduced, and you will be able to throw your melee more often.

These are the best High stat armor farming location currently available in the game. You can choose any High stat armor depending on your preference. You are good to go if you enjoy the armor perks, and it works well with your playstyle. We hope this guide was helpful and you have learned something new. Good luck out there, Guardians.

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