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Are you looking for the best Void Fragment for your Characters? Then you are in luck, as here we will go through everything you need to know about the Void Fragment available in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is a popular looter-shooter video game created by Bungie, well known for its creation of the Halo franchise of video games. In this MMO RPG, you can customize your guardian’s looks and playstyle with different aspects and fragments.

Bungie is constantly adding new aspects for each subclass. Similarly, they are adding new void fragments with each new update for the related subclass. With the Void 3.0 updates, Bungie has completely revamped the void subclass and fragments, which are the key pieces for any void build.

As of Void 3.0 Update, there are currently 14 corresponding fragments available in Destiny 2. If you want to make a good void build for any of your characters, it would be best to use these void fragments in your builds. A suitable void fragment with the right aspects can make your loadout plan much easier.

Best Void Fragment In the Current Meta

Image Source: Bungie

In Destiny 2, there are many things to consider before giving the final verdict about the best Void fragments for any build. They all depend on your build aspects and other things that might change the effects of your void fragments.

Since they have many options, it can be difficult for beginners to decide which Void Fragments to choose. But don’t worry; we’ll showcase all the Void Fragments in order from worst to best. Hopefully, this list should make it easier for you to decide which Void fragment is best for you.

14. Echo of Dilation

Image Source: Bungie
  • While crouched, you sneak faster and gain enhanced radar resolution—+10 Mobility and Intellect.

While crouching is not the best idea in every scenario, this void fragment has so much to offer if you can use it properly. Furthermore, you can use it with any builds or loadout as long as you don’t mind crouching from time to time.

13. Echo of Domineering

Image Source: Bungie
  • After suppressing a target, gain significantly increased Mobility for a short duration, and your equipped weapon is reloaded from reserves—+10 Discipline.

If you can trigger it correctly, this void fragment can give you a wide range of buffs. All you need to do is use your suppress grenade ability and suppress your nearby enemies. As long as there are enemies nearby and you have a 100% uptime on your grenade ability, then this fragment is an excellent option for you.

12. Echo of Exchange

Image Source: Bungie
  • Melee’s final blows grant grenade energy.

Try to hit your enemies with your melee final blows. This is extremely valuable with some build that needs 100% grenade uptime or any ability that keeps you alive. Additionally, You can make a robust grenade-throwing build with this fragment.

11. Echo of Expulsion

Image Source: Bungie
  • Void ability final blows cause targets to explode—+10 Intellect.

If you kill enemies with your void ability, then nearby enemies will explode, which makes it one of the best void fragments for the void 3.0 loadout. You can use any void-ability, and if you have 100% uptime on your ability, then you can just explode enemies left and right.

10. Echo of Harvest

Image Source: Bungie
  • Defeating weakened targets with precision final blows will create an Orb of Power. -10 Intellect.

First, damage your opponent with a good weapon; then, when they are weak, kill them with a precision final blow. It will create an Orb of power, which will regenerate your super energy. With the proper use of this fragment, you can get your super back as quickly as possible.

09. Echo of Instability

Image Source: Bungie
  • Defeating targets with grenades grants Volatile Rounds to your Void weapons. +10 Strength.

If you have a good void weapon in your hand and 100% uptime on your grenade ability, then this fragment is perfect for you. With the volatile rounds at your disposal, you can literally obliterate any activity in Destiny 2.

08. Echo of Leeching

Image Source: Bungie
  • Melee’s final blows start health regeneration for you and your nearby allies. +10 Resilience.

This void fragment can greatly benefit you and your teammates with a good melee weapon. Although you have to use the final blows every time you want to regenerate your health, this can be done easily with a little timing and skill.

07. Echo of Obscurity

Image Source: Bungie
  • Finisher’s final blows grant Invisibility. +10 Recovery.

You can use this ability with any exotics that make your final finisher blows easier. You should keep in mind that you cant use finisher in PvP, so this fragment is only good for PvE activities. This is actually really helpful when you need to get away from an enemy crowd.

06. Echo of Persistence

Image Source: Bungie
  • Void buffs applied to you (Invisibility, Overshield, and Devour) have increased duration.

This void fragment is extremely good for other fragments and exotics that give you certain buffs like Invisibilty and oversheild. Furthermore, it will significantly increase the buff duration, which makes it not only extremely reliable in PvE but also in PvP.

05. Echo of Provision

Image Source: Bungie
  • Damaging targets with grenades grants melee energy—-10 Strength.

If you pair it with a good melee ability that grants your grenade energy, then you will have an infinite amount of grenade and melee energy. Damage with your grenade when your melee ability is in cooldown, and you will instantly regain your melee ability.

04. Echo of Remnants

Image Source: Bungie
  • Your lingering grenade effects (Vortex Grenade, Void Wall, Void Spike, and Axion Bolt) have increased duration.

Grenades that have an area of effect stay on the ground for a short period of time before hitting the enemies will have their duration increased. This is good for crown controlling in PvE activities. Throw your grenade on the ground, and it will damage your enemies for a long time.

03. Echo of Reprisal

Image Source: Bungie
  • Final blows, when surrounded by combatants, grant Super energy.

If you are surrounded by enemies and land a final blow on them, it will grant you super energy. So if you have an excellent super ability that can kill your surrounding enemies, then this void fragment is really good for you.

02. Echo of Starvation

Image Source: Bungie
  • Picking up Orbs of Power grants Devour. -10 Recovery.

While picking up super energy, this void fragment will grant you Devour. This fragment will regenerate your health extremely faster, making it one of the best void fragments for both PvP and PvE. This is a really good fragment for both Hunters and Titans.

01. Echo of Undermining

Image Source: Bungie
  • Your Void grenades weaken targets. -20 Discipline.

Your void grenade will debuff your nearby enemies. Although the Debuff is only 15% at a time, this also works in PvP. This makes it extremely useful to Debuff your opponent in PvP activities.

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These are all the Void fragments available in Destiny 2. Hopefully, this guide was helpful, and you have learned something new about void fragments. You can also check out our other guides to help you take your Destiny 2 journey to the next level. Good luck out there, Guardians.

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