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Are you looking for the best Arc Fragment for your Characters? Then you are in luck, as here we will go through everything you need to know about the Arc Fragment available in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is a popular looter-shooter video game created by Bungie, well known for its creation of the Halo franchise of video games. In this MMO RPG, you can customize your Guardian’s looks and playstyle with different aspects and fragments.

Bungie is constantly adding new aspects for each subclass. Similarly, they add new Arc fragments for each related subclass update. With the Arc 3.0 updates, Bungie has completely revamped the Arc subclass and fragments, which are the key pieces for any Arc build.

As of Arc 3.0 Update, there are currently 16 corresponding fragments available in Destiny 2. Using these fragments in your builds would be best if you want to make a good Arc build for any of your characters. A suitable Arc fragment with the right aspects can make your loadout plan much easier.

16 Best Arc Fragment in the Current Meta

Best Arc Fragment
Image Source: Bungie

In Destiny 2, there are many things to consider before giving the final verdict about the best Arc fragments for any build. They all depend on your build aspects and other things that might change the effects of your Arc fragments.

Since they have many options, it can be difficult for beginners to decide which Arc Fragments to choose. But don’t worry; we’ll showcase all the Arc Fragments in order from worst to best. Hopefully, this list will make it easier to decide which Arc fragment is best for you.

16. Spark Of Beacons

Best Arc Fragment
Image Source: Bungie

Spark of Beacons: While you are Amplified, your Arc Special weapon’s final blows create a Blinding explosion.

Spark of Beacons harnesses the potent force of Arc energy to create a dazzling display of power. When you find yourself in an amplified state, each precise final blow delivered by your Arc Special weapon sets off a radiant explosion.

This explosion engulfs the surrounding area, enveloping enemies in blinding brilliance. The blinding effect momentarily disorients and impairs their vision, providing a valuable window of opportunity to seize the upper hand in combat.

While other fragments may offer alternative benefits, Spark of Beacons shines brightest in PvP encounters, where its blinding potential can turn the tide of engagements and leave opponents vulnerable to your onslaught.

15. Spark Of Focus

Best Arc Fragment
Image Source: Bungie

Spark of Focus: After sprinting for a short time, your class ability regeneration is increased. -10 to your class ability stat.

Spark of Focus taps into the energy of rapid movement to enhance your class ability regeneration. When you engage in swift sprints, the energy within you surges, amplifying the recharge rate of your class ability.

Whether you’re a nimble Hunter, a stalwart Titan, or a mystic Warlock, this fragment empowers you to utilize your class abilities more frequently, granting you increased versatility and tactical options on the battlefield. It’s important to note that embracing this heightened regenerative capability comes at a cost, as it slightly diminishes your class ability stat.

However, for Hunters and Titans seeking accelerated class ability activation, Spark of Focus can prove invaluable, particularly in Crucible scenarios where split-second decisions can turn the tide of battle.

14. Spark Of Brilliance

Best Arc Fragment
Image Source: Bungie

Spark of Brilliance: Defeating a Blinded target with precision damage creates a Blinding explosion. +10 Intellect.

Spark of Brilliance harnesses the true power of precision and light. When you successfully eliminate a Blinded target with precision damage, a magnificent explosion of blinding energy radiates from the impact point.

This explosion engulfs the area, temporarily disorienting nearby enemies and leaving them vulnerable to further attacks. The blinding effect can provide a crucial advantage in both PvE encounters and PvP engagements, allowing you to incapacitate foes and dictate the flow of battle.

Furthermore, Spark of Brilliance grants an additional bonus of +10 Intellect, enhancing your overall ability to generate Super energy and unleash devastating ultimate abilities. Although triggering the Blinding explosion can be challenging in certain PvE scenarios, in PvP situations where opponents’ movements are less predictable, the potential impact of Spark of Brilliance becomes even more pronounced.

13. Spark Of Volts

Best Arc Fragment
Image Source: Bungie

Spark of Volts: Finishers make you Amplified. +10 Recovery.

Spark of Volts taps into the electric essence of Arc energy to grant you enhanced resilience. Each time you perform a finisher on an enemy, a surge of power courses through your body, triggering the Amplified state.

Your abilities and effectiveness are augmented in this heightened state, allowing you to strike back with increased potency. Additionally, Spark of Volts bestows a significant bonus of +10 to your Recovery stat, bolstering your ability to recuperate from battle and rejoin the fray swiftly.

While the utility of becoming Amplified through finishers might be situational, the boost to Recovery makes Spark of Volts a solid choice for those who prioritize stat optimization and swifter health regeneration.

12. Spark Of Amplitude

Best Arc Fragment
Image Source: Bungie

Spark of Amplitude: Rapidly defeating targets while you are Amplified creates an Orb of Power.

Spark of Amplitude taps into the surging energy of Amplification, rewarding swift and relentless combat. When you find yourself in the Amplified state, swiftly dispatching enemies in succession triggers a remarkable phenomenon that creates an Orb of Power.

These orbs carry the concentrated essence of your Arc power and can be collected by you or your allies to recharge Super energy. The ability to generate additional Orbs of Power provides crucial support in group activities, fostering team synergy and enabling more frequent and devastating Super activations.

To fully maximize the potential of Spark of Amplitude, maintaining a constant flow of rapid eliminations while in the Amplified state is paramount. Coordinating with your fireteam and utilizing this fragment’s power can turn the tide of battle and ensure your victory.

11. Spark Of Momentum

Best Arc Fragment
Image Source: Bungie

Spark of Momentum: Sliding over ammo bricks reloads your equipped weapon and grants a small amount of melee energy.

Spark of Momentum capitalizes on swift, fluid movements to keep you in the fight without interruption. Whenever you perform a slide over an ammo brick, the very act of your motion triggers an automatic reload of your currently equipped weapon. This ensures that you remain locked and loaded, ready to engage adversaries without pause.

Additionally, Spark of Momentum grants a small but valuable boost of melee energy, allowing you to unleash devastating close-quarters attacks more frequently. While the full benefits of this fragment may be more pronounced in PvP engagements, where quick reflexes and continuous engagement are crucial, the ability to seamlessly reload your weapon and gain melee energy through agile slides proves advantageous in any combat scenario.

10. Spark Of Frequency

Best Arc Fragment
Image Source: Bungie

Spark of Frequency: Melee hits greatly increase your reload speed for a short duration.

Spark of Frequency amplifies the connection between your melee strikes and the fluidity of combat. Each successful melee hit, whether charged or uncharged, triggers a substantial increase in your reload speed for a brief but impactful duration.

This surge of energy allows you to swiftly replenish ammunition, keeping your weapons firing at optimal efficiency and maintaining constant pressure on your foes. While the duration of the increased reload speed may be relatively short, it presents a valuable opportunity to capitalize on the momentum gained from successful melee engagements.

Whether you favor close-quarters brawls or possess a penchant for melee-focused builds, Spark of Frequency offers a tangible advantage in combat, ensuring your firepower remains relentless and uninterrupted.

09. Spark Of Instinct

Best Arc Fragment
Image Source: Bungie

Spark of Instinct: While critically wounded, taking damage emits a burst of damaging Arc energy that Jolts targets.

Spark of Instinct taps into the raw power of desperation and turns it into a formidable weapon. When your health reaches critical levels, every instance of incoming damage triggers a powerful burst of Arc energy. This burst radiates outward, enveloping nearby enemies and inflicting a debilitating Jolt effect upon them.

The Jolt effect disrupts their movements and weakens their defenses, creating opportunities for you to strike back and turn the tide of battle. The burst of Arc energy from Spark of Instinct occurs at a roughly 12-meter radius and has a cooldown of 15 seconds before it can be triggered again.

While the true potential of Spark of Instinct shines in melee-focused PvE builds, such as those employed by agile Arcstrider Hunters, its ability to disrupt and weaken enemies also proves advantageous in PvP encounters.

08. Spark Of Discharge

Best Arc Fragment
Image Source: Bungie

Spark of Discharge: Arc weapon final blows have a chance to create an Ionic Trace. -10 Strength.

Spark of Discharge taps into the electrifying potential of Arc weapon prowess. Each time you deliver a final blow with an Arc weapon, a thrilling opportunity arises – the chance to create an Ionic Trace. These traces embody the residual energy of your Arc attacks and can be harnessed to restore a portion of your ability energy when collected.

While the chance to generate an Ionic Trace is not entirely random, kills have an escalating chance of triggering this empowering effect. In PvE encounters, Spark of Discharge functions similarly to Elemental Armaments or Charge Harvester, generating an Ionic Trace approximately every eight kills.

In PvP, you only need to land two final blows to spawn a trace. Although Spark of Discharge offers the potential for powerful Ionic Traces, it faces stiff competition from Spark of Ions. However, in situations where Jolt is challenging to inflict or when using multiple Arc fragments, Spark of Discharge can become a more viable option.

07. Spark Of Resistance

Best Arc Fragment
Image Source: Bungie

Spark of Resistance: You are more resistant to incoming damage while surrounded by combatants. +10 Strength.

Spark of Resistance taps into the essence of resilience in the face of overwhelming odds. When you find yourself surrounded by multiple enemies, a remarkable phenomenon occurs – your resistance to incoming damage increases significantly.

This increased resistance grants you enhanced durability, allowing you to withstand enemy assaults with greater fortitude. The bonus to damage resistance scales multiplicatively with your existing resilience, chest damage resistance mods, and other sources of damage reduction.

This makes Spark of Resistance an indispensable asset in PvE encounters, empowering you to withstand the onslaught of enemies and emerge victorious. Additionally, Spark of Resistance bestows a valuable +10 Strength bonus, amplifying your melee ability cooldown and enabling more frequent devastating melee strikes.

06. Spark Of Haste

Best Arc Fragment
Image Source: Bungie

Spark of Haste: You have greatly increased resilience, Recovery, and mobility while sprinting.

Spark of Haste taps into the speed and agility of swift movement to empower your Guardian. As you engage in a sprint, a surge of energy courses through your veins, greatly enhancing your resilience, Recovery, and mobility.

This increased state allows you to withstand enemy attacks more effectively, regenerate health at an accelerated rate, and move with unparalleled swiftness and dexterity. The benefits of Spark of Haste are particularly pronounced during Crucible encounters, where the ability to navigate the battlefield and react with heightened agility quickly can give you a significant advantage.

By capitalizing on the increased resilience, Recovery, and mobility offered by Spark of Haste, you can outmaneuver opponents, survive intense firefights, and seize victory in the most challenging of situations.

05. Spark Of Magnitude

Best Arc Fragment
Image Source: Bungie

Spark of Magnitude: Your lingering Arc grenades (Lightning, Pulse, and Storm Grenades) have increased duration.

Spark of Magnitude taps into the explosive potential of your lingering Arc grenades. When you deploy Arc grenades such as the Lightning Grenade, Pulse Grenade, or Storm Grenade, their duration is significantly increased. The extended duration allows these grenades to exert greater control over the battlefield, providing sustained area denial or concentrated damage to enemies within their vicinity.

Whether you seek to control chokepoints, disrupt enemy movements, or deal devastating damage, Spark of Magnitude empowers your Arc grenades to excel in their role. While not mandatory, it proves to be a valuable addition to the arsenal of Striker Titans who utilize Touch of Thunder, significantly amplifying the power of their Storm Grenades.

04. Spark Of Recharge

Best Arc Fragment
Image Source: Bungie

Spark of Recharge: While critically wounded, your melee and grenade energy regenerate more quickly.

Spark of Recharge taps into Guardians’ inherent resilience and determination when pushed to their limits. When you find yourself in a critically wounded state, a remarkable phenomenon occurs – your melee and grenade energy regenerate at an accelerated rate. This heightened regeneration allows you to unleash powerful melee strikes and devastating grenade attacks more frequently, even in the face of imminent danger.

While being critically wounded in tough PvE encounters can be perilous, in PvP situations where shields are broken more frequently, Spark of Recharge shines as a powerful tool. The ability to rapidly recharge your melee and grenade abilities can catch opponents off guard, providing you with an edge in close-quarters engagements.

03. Spark Of Feedback

Best Arc Fragment
Image Source: Bungie

Spark of Feedback: Taking melee damage briefly increases your outgoing melee damage. +10 Resilience.

Spark of Feedback taps into the symbiotic relationship between offense and defense, granting you a potent advantage in close-quarters combat. Whenever you take melee damage, a surge of energy courses through your Guardian, temporarily increasing the damage output of your own melee attacks.

This allows you to turn the tables on your opponents, transforming their attacks into an opportunity for a devastating counterstrike. Additionally, Spark of Feedback provides a significant +10 Resilience bonus, bolstering your overall resilience and ability to withstand enemy assaults.

The enhanced resilience not only increases your survivability in PvE encounters but also has an impact on PvP by altering weapon time-to-kill values. Whether you’re engaging in fierce melee duels or seeking to bolster your defensive capabilities, Spark of Feedback empowers you to become an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

02. Spark Of Ions

Best Arc Fragment
Image Source: Bungie

Spark of Ions: Defeating a Jolted target creates an Ionic Trace.

Spark of Ions taps into the electrifying potential of Jolted targets, offering a remarkable opportunity for increased ability energy. Each time you defeat an enemy that has been Jolted, a surge of energy is released, manifesting as an Ionic Trace.

These traces hold the essence of your Arc power and can be collected to restore a portion of your ability energy. With the ability to generate ability energy through Jolted targets, Spark of Ions becomes a staple for all Arc builds.

Whether you utilize the Jolt effect through Spark of Shock or other abilities, every Arc subclass can benefit from the power of Spark of Ions. The ability to consistently recharge your abilities enhances your versatility and enables more frequent use of devastating supers, grenades, and melee attacks.

01. Spark Of Shock

Best Arc Fragment
Image Source: Bungie

Spark of Shock: Your Arc grenades Jolt targets. -10 Discipline.

Spark of Shock taps into the potent electrical power of your Arc grenades. Every time you deploy an Arc grenade, it carries the ability to Jolt targets it comes into contact with. The Jolt effect inflicts a debilitating electrical charge on enemies, disrupting their movements and leaving them vulnerable to follow-up attacks.

Jolt allows you to exert control over the battlefield, creating opportunities for strategic maneuvers and coordinated assaults. While utilizing Spark of Shock, it’s important to note that there is a slight decrease of -10 to your Discipline stat. However, the ability to consistently Jolt enemies makes up for this drawback, making Spark of Shock an excellent choice for those who prioritize Arc grenade effectiveness.

These are all the Arc fragments available in Destiny 2. Hopefully, this guide was helpful, and you have learned something new about Arc fragments. You can also check out our other guides to help you take your Destiny 2 journey to the next level. Good luck out there, Guardians.

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