Deathloop: How to Heal yourself

Arkhan Studio’s time looping game is out now.

From the makers of hits like Dishonored 2, Deathloop is certainly one of the most hyped up games of 2021. Saying that Deathloop is a very stealthy game where you always have to be on your toes. If you are caught surrounded by enemies dead is inevitable. So in the game healing plays a major role. Below we have made a complete guide on you can heal and stay alive during missions.

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How to heal in Deathloop

The major part of playing Deathloop comes from surviving. To survive for long periods of time players will have to avoid enduring major damage. Players will have to make sure they are behind covers if they have engaged in a fight. Deathloop demands patience and planning so rushing in and going all guns blazing is not a good idea in Deathloop.

Your character will recover health to a certain extent but not fully after getting shot a few times. However, you will have to stay on the cover when you are recovering health or it will go down a bar again. Remember to also use Trinkets that can buff your character and some of these will also allow you to regenerate faster and more of your health. The most effective way to heal yourself is using Fiz-pop bottles. These are red and white bottles that you can find in the world of Deathloop. The last way to heal yourself is using health Stations but there are not much throughout the entire map of Deathloop.

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