Cyberpunk 2077: Betray Dex Or Evelyn

Arnan Bonny
By Arnan Bonny
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Here is everything you need to know if you’re facing a tough time deciding whether you should betray Dex or Evelyn.

CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 is a dystopian RPG that faced major criticism at launch by critics and fans alike for being one of the most poorly performing games in the AAA category.

But thankfully, the developers tackled the issues one by one and now turned the game into something really worth experiencing. You play as mercenary V, and you can start your journey from three origins.

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You can choose to be a Street Kid, a Nomad, or a top-of-the-ladder Corpo. Along with getting to decide how you start, you’ll be thrown into several tough decisions throughout the entire game that will tailor the story as well as your experience.

One of those decisions will be to choose whether you want to betray Dex or Evelyn. Due to how much influence each of the two characters has on V, it may feel like a big choice to make. So here is everything you need to know if you’re not sure which decision to take.

Should You Side With Dex or Evelyn

For context, there will be a particular mission where Evelyn will suggest that you cut out the middle man involved so that both of you can get a larger share of the profit from the heist currently taking place.

Here, the middleman is no one other than Dex. Now, to side with Evelyn and betray Dex, you have to pick the dialogue option ‘I will think about it‘ when Evelyn brings up the proposal. She will then give you her number to call when you are done thinking about it.

Cyberpunk Betray Dex or Evelyn

On the other hand, if you wanna side with Dex, you have to refuse Evelyn’s offer and choose the ‘No way, Dex trusts me.‘ dialogue option.

But we’re here to let you know that the decision you make won’t really have any real impact on the rest of the story. Because of the way the events of the heist take place, things take a turn, and you’ll quickly realize that the outcome would’ve been the same whether you decided to side with Dex or Evelyn.

So, don’t worry too much about making the wrong decision here, as the fallout of the decision will last for a very short period of time.

On a side note, you will later get a choice to tell Dex about Evelyn’s plans. Doing so will give you a 40% pay rise instead of 35%. So you’ll get a little bit more money if you snitch on Evelyn.

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