CSGO sees a spike in player count following the release of operation “Broken Fang”

Valve finally released a new operation in CSGO called “broken fang” after a long time.

Following the success of the popular operation Shattered web, this is the biggest content drop in Counter-Strike in a very long time. Since it is really rare for Valve to release new content for CSGO let alone a whole new operation, the entire CSGO community is understandably excited.

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Broken Fang came with some much-appreciated cosmetics items alongside some really important quality of life updates. For the first time ever, Valve added the ability for players to ping stuff in a Counter-Strike game.

Even though pinging in FPS games has been an essential part of the genre ever since Respawn popularized it with Apex Legends, it took valve almost 2 years to catch up with the latest trend in FPS games.

Broken Fang and rising player base

Soon after the new operation went live, old and new players started to flock to CSGO and started grinding for their favorite items in the update. This time around Valve added some really goofy-looking character skins for their agents.

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However, for the most part, players of the franchise are just happy to see Valve finally making some new and exciting content for CSGO. And the recent spike in player numbers is a clear indication that CSGO is in fact very much alive contrary to popular belief.

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