CSGO dev apparently removed the confetti effect when someone wins a tic tac toe match in Inferno

What a missed opportunity!

Valve finally released a new update that addressed one of the major visibility problems that players were complaining about for a long time.

In the latest update, Valve also added a tic tac toe mini-game in CSGO. While searching through the updated file for anything new, the data miners found out that CSGO dev might have removed a confetti effect that was supposed to play whenever someone actually wins.

This fully working mini-game gave players an interesting sidequest. Players were flocking in Inferno to see how this all works. Sadly though the devs commented out the confetti effect. This was such a missed opportunity.

Aside from a mini tic tac toe game, this update also added some huge improvements to player visibility. CSGO players were complaining about them for such a long time. Even before the shattered web update, CSGO wasn’t helping colorblind players at all. As a result, colorblind players couldn’t compete at a high level.

However, the latest update boosted player contrast so that players can be more visible at far distances. This may seem insignificant to outsiders, but this is one of the most positive changes that Valve has ever made in CSGO.

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