Crystalis Motus Ashe Mythic Skin: Splash Art, Release Date & More

Shoaib Akter Himel
By Shoaib Akter Himel
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Image Credit: Riot Games

New Crystalis Motus Skin for Ashe has been revealed in PBE 13.24.

Following last year, Riot has decided to continue releasing the Mythic skin line for League of Legends. This year’s skin line is named ‘Crystalis Motus‘. Motus is a Latin word that means ‘operation, passion, sensation’, etc. So, Crystalis Motus can mean passion for crystals.

This is quite clear if you look at the earlier Taliyah and Leona’s skins. They all have crystals embedded in their body or the instruments they carry. Each champion seems to get a different color for their crystals as well. Taliyah’s skin has a turquoise color scheme, and Leona has shades of purple and violet.

The Crystalis Motus Ashe skin follows a more reddish or crimson color grade. Her bow and arrow follow the crystalis design, too. Likewise, the VFX for her abilities is designed to showcase them with crystal crackling sounds. However, in hindsight, it looks more like a polished Heartseeker Ashe due to both having similar color grading.

With that, let’s see the splash art and price of the skin along with its release date.

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Splash Art

Crystalis Motus Ashe Splash
image credit: Riot games


Mythic skins are not purchasable with RP from the main store. Like the other Mythic skins, Crystalis Motus Ashe will be priced at 100 Mythic Essence in the Mythic ShopThis skin should be added to the Mythic Shop in Patch 13.24.

Release Date

Crystalis Motus Ashe will hit live servers in Patch 13.24, scheduled to be released on Wednesday, December 6, 2023.

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