Counter-Strike 2 Rank Distribution

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Care to know where you place among the best players in the world? Check out the latest Counter-Strike 2 rank distribution!

Counter-Strike 2 is Valve’s upgrade to the fan-favorite Global Offensive. The tactical shooter is a graphical overhaul with new mechanics and, most importantly, a new way to rank up. The Premier matchmaking system comes with new leaderboards and a numerical ELO rating that adjusts after every game.

The previous ranking system returns with the revamped matchmaking system and Premier Mode. It works the same as in CS:GO, just on a per-map basis. So even if you master a single map, your rank will only update for that particular map, not the others. This allows you to grind new maps for a new rank without losing your progress on your other ranks.

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How do Ranks work in Counter-Strike 2?

The Counter-Strike 2 rank distribution is a new addition to the game. The new rating system can more precisely calibrate which ranks are closest to you skill-wise and match them with your team and against you. By having a numerical ELO number attached to you, the game can translate that into a relative skill pool.

Previously, even when you were in the same rank, the skill disparity caused issues and questions among the players. The new rating system tries to combat that and provide a fairer system.

New CS 2 Rating Brackets

The new system is color-coded for every 5,000 rating points. The color codes are the same as the weapon rarity colors in the game, so the higher the rarity, the better your rank. The current brackets are as follows:

  • 0 – 4,999 – Grey
  • 5,000 – 9,999 – Light Blue
  • 10,000 – 14,999 – Blue
  • 15,000 – 19,999 – Purple
  • 20,000 – 24,999 – Pink
  • 25,000 – 29,999 – Red
  • 30,000+ – Gold

Counter-Strike 2 Rank Distribution

Valve’s leaderboard only shows you the top 1,000 players for every region and the world’s top 1,000 overall. However, the popular Counter-Strike stats tracker, Leetify, and csgostats analyze demo files and have their own database with a huge sample size.

Here are the numbers for the rank distribution for the current season, as reported by*:

0 – 9990.0%11,000 – 11,9995.71%
1,000 – 1,9991.72%12,000 – 12,9995.35%
2,000 – 2,9992.78%13,000 – 13,9994.81%
3,000 – 3,9994.74%14,000 – 14,9995.76%
4,000 – 4,99910.62%15,000 – 15,9993.23%
5,000 – 5,9996.85%16,000 – 16,9992.34%
6,000 – 6,9996.68%17,000 – 17,9991.86%
7,000 – 7,9997.23%18,000 – 18,9991.41%
8,000 – 8,9997.57%19,000 – 19,9991.22%
9,000 – 9,99911.71%20,000 – 24,9991.49%
10,000 – 10,9996.83%25,000 – 29,9990.09%
% of players in every rating bracket

*Ranking weightage has been adjusted and higher ratings are much less common than before. Only 6 players are Gold Ranked.

Leaderboard Rating by Valve in-game

Overall Distribution

  • Grey – 19.86%
  • Light Blue – 40.04%
  • Blue – 28.46%
  • Purple – 10.06%
  • Pink – 1.49%
  • Red – 0.09%
  • Gold – 0%*

When will the ranks reset?

Currently, Valve has not revealed details on when and how the rank reset will occur. It is, however, not too far-fetched to assume that a seasonal reset will occur after every major cycle. Valve hosts a major every six months, so without any other information available, we can assume, at the latest, a rank reset will occur after a major end and a new season of competition will begin.

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