Citizen Sleeper: How to Get All Endings

Abu Bakar Karim
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Citizen Sleeper: You are being Haunted!

There are several endings in Citizen Sleeper, including good, bad, and even the chaotic evil one. Choose the path for yourself. That might make you feel less guilty.

Imagine NOT waking up in a cart and hear, “Finally, you are awake!” Rather, you wake up in a space station. The place is a mess, and everything is in jeopardy. You find others like you. Some really wanted to end up on the cart, and some wanted to isekai-d in the anime world, but God had some other plans. And there is only one law in the space station; there is no law.

Explore the whole station, meet up with new people, or I would rather say, “Castaways.” Befriend them, but trust your gut. Moreover, you have a past to escape and embrace what’s coming. Look out for supplies to make it to the night and live to see the next day. That’s it; how hard can it be? Well, yes, but technically no.

You start with choosing a character class. After that, you have to develop your character gradually throughout the game to get the best output. Now, talking about output, there are several endings of Citizen sleeper. Each ends up with a different event and interactive character permutation. Till now, eight endings have been seen. So yes, that is what this guide is based on. We will be talking about the endings along with how to go on that path. Let’s hop into it.

Grow Vast & Strange

This ending involves all the quests for NEOVEND and Riko.

  • Search for NEOVEND in your first home base. Just beside the Overlook, you will find NEOVEND through a locked door. You have to complete the tasks of the bar to add him as a point on your map.
  • At the end of his quest, you will be given a choice to keep him or execute him. Make sure to keep him to proceed further.
  • Talking about Riko, make sure to join the Hypha Commune at first. You will find it on the Greenway.
  • Now, you can get access to the Aviary. There, you will harvest a mysterious seed that will turn you into some kind of program.

Warmth and Light

From the last one, you turned yourself into a program. Well, there is still a way to repent that. Just trace back. It will give you the Warmth and Light ending.

A Long Journey to a Small Unknown Planet

This ending involved Lem, Mina, and the hacker Castor.

  • Start to build the Siderail at the shipyard.
  • In the meantime, you will meet with Lem. He has his intentions to build the ship. Overall, this task takes quite some time.
  • Now to find a way on board. Fill the meter in the Low End to proceed further.
  • Access to the table of Castor. Now, hack your way onto the Siderail. Castor can aid greatly in this task.
  • To add on, spend some quality time watching over Mina at Lem’s place. Mina is Lem’s adopted daughter. After a brief time, you will proceed to help out Mina while Lem finds a way off the Eye. This will gain you access to the Celis Server.
  • Do some hacking job. You will get several IDs.
  • Get back to Castor. Now, wait till the departure day.
  • Leave the Eye with Lem and Mina.

Left Behind

You will have another option to leave them be. Just, you will be left behind.

The Three Body Problem

How about not letting anyone off? Just refuse to show the IDs you acquired for the Celis Server to Lem and Mina. Without IDs, none of you will be able to board. No one gets to leave. Well, at least all of us are together.

Solo Ticket

Hold your horse. Ever thought just for yourself? This ending is just for you. After Castor hooks you up, board on the Siderail all by yourself. You got the IDs. What are Lem and Mina gonna do, cry? Put some dirt in their eyes and bid farewell.

Starward Passage

For this one, you need to complete the quests of Ankhita and Bliss.

  • Go to the Dock C-4 and meet with Ankhita. She will give you a quest to fix her ship. This one, my friend, is one hell of a risky business. Choose your words carefully.
  • After the work, you will get to know some guy she will mention. He lives somewhere in the Greenway. Reach there, and her quest comes to an end.
  • Before having permission to enter the upper area of the map, you need to do some chores of your choice to fill the meter.
  • Now, you can get access to the central elevator. It will take you to Bliss. Complete her risky tasks carefully.
  • Now that both are done with you, you will find a final quest to end. After finishing that, you will find an option to board and leave the Eye.

The Fixed Stars

After the final task from the last one, you will also have the option to stay. Stay and trigger this ending.

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