Chemtech Drake Changes Coming in Patch 13.2

Riot is planning on buffing Chemtech Drake next patch.

League of Legends’ most infamous Drake, the Chemtech Drake, is getting a buff in Patch 13.1.

Introduced to League of Legends in Preseason 2022, the Chemtech Drake was likely one of Riot’s biggest balance nightmares. It was initially released in a very overpowered state and brought some unhealthy mechanics to the game.

Firstly, the Chemtech Soul essentially gave the holder a free revive for a few seconds. Champions like Sion would abuse it in junction with Guardian Angel to revive three times in a fight. Then there was the Chemtech Rift, which created Camouflage Zones on the map, and entering these zones would camouflage a champion. Furthermore, Regular wards didn’t work inside the zones; the only way to get vision inside the zones was to face-check or place a Control ward.

Riot tried to fix some of the issues but ultimately proved futile. So, they eventually removed the Drake a few months later.

But in, Preseason 2023, Riot again brought the Chemtech Drake back. They removed all the unhealthy mechanics and added Heal And Shield Power and Tenacity to the Drake. Although the Drake is in a healthy state, It seems to be underperforming. So Riot, on Patch 13.1, is planning on buffing Chemtech Drake.

Spideraxe posted the changes on his Twitter page.

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Chemtech Drake Buffs

Here are all the Chemtech Drake buffs coming on Patch 13.2.

  • Chemtech Soul bonus damage increased from 10% to 11%
  • Chemtech Soul damage reduction increased from 10% to 11%
  • Chemtech Blight tenacity increased from 5% to 6%
  • Chemtech Blight heal and shield power increased from 5% to 6%

 The changes are more of a quality of life changes and should not affect the meta much.

Release Date

The buffs will be coming to the live servers on Patch 13.2, which will be released on Wednesday, January 25, 2023.

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