Callisto Protocol: How to Perform a Perfect Dodge

Callisto Protocol has a perfect dodge system. And here is how you can do a perfect dodge in the game.

Callisto Protocol is the spiritual successor to the dead space games. So it takes the dismemberment mechanics from those games. The Callisto Protocol tells a survival horror story of your character who is stuck on one of the moons of Jupiter.

Throughout the game, you will get many different weapons. But you will always have your reliable stun baton by your side. Whenever you run out of ammo or try to conserve ammo, you need to use the baton to take on enemies.

For close-range combat, dodging is a must. As for the dodge mechanics, perfect dodge opens up the enemy for a heavy attack with your baton. So it is a good trick to use. Thus we will break down the process step by step on how to do perfect dodge in the game.

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How to Perform a Perfect Dodge

Dodgin in Callisto Protocol doesn’t have a dedicated button. On the console, you have to hold your L for Xbox or L3 for PS and choose the direction you want to dodge. On the PC, you can press and hold the A or D button depending on which way you want to dodge.

Using these, you can easily set up your dodge even before the enemy starts attacking. But a perfect dodge is a dodge that is made at the last second. So, if you dodge at the last second, it will be counted as a perfect dodge. Doing a perfect dodge will slow down the time briefly, opening up the enemy for a heavy attack.

To perform a perfect dodge, wait until the attack almost connects with your character. Then press the dodge direction to dodge away from the attack. Since it has a tight time window, messing up a perfect dodge means getting hit by the enemy attack.

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