Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 Reloaded Patch Notes: Map Changes, New POI, New Weapons, Nerfs/ Buffs, Bug Fixes, and More

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
By Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone’s midseason update is coming out soon. Here’s an in-depth look at everything related to the patch note.

Raven Software is releasing Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 Reloaded update tonight. With the update, players are getting several map changes, new points of interest, weapon and attachment adjustments, bug fixes, and more.

Players will be getting a new LTE – Rebirth Reinforced, Weapon Trade Stations, Deployable Buy Stations, new Modes, a new Weapon, new Operators, new Gameplay, and more. The update will set motion to the latter half of season 2, following the season 2 roadmap. The patch will be available for players starting March 23 at 9 am PT/12 pm ET/4 pm UK.

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Playlist Roadmap

Gameplay Changes

  • New
  • Deployable Buy Station
    • Added as Legendary ground loot, the Deployable Buy Station is a Field Upgrade that, once the marker is deployed, will call in a Buy Station to the location.
    • The Deployable Buy Station has the same inventory as the normal Buy Station.
    • The Deployable Buy Station will show up on the Tac Map with its own unique icon.
  • Adjustments
  • Gas Mask
    • Players will now be able to drop their Gas Mask, whether to give to a squad mate or out of choice,through the drop down inventory menu.
  • Armor Satchels
    • Players can collect the Armor Plates within ground loot Armor Satchels, even if they are currently equipped with an
  • Armor Satchel.
    • Armor Satchels now show how many Armor Plates they contain in their loot card.
  • Recovery
    • While downed,Players will be able to control the state they will be self-revived into to allow for being in a prone or crouched state.
  • Contracts
    • In-world Contracts have been rotated at an angle to make them easier to find and ping.
    • Contracts will show on the Tac Map, even when an existing Contract is in progress, to better enable forward tactical planning.
    • Rebalanced the distribution of Contracts in Battle Royale and Plunder modes to better favor Bounties.
    • Most Wanted has been removed from the selection pool of Top Secret.
  • Smoke Grenades
    • Improvements have been made to better distinguish the visual differences between Loadout Drop Markers,the new Deployable Buy Station Markers,and Smoke Grenades,when viewed in-world.
  • Parachutes
    • Players can now cut their parachutes at any point before their feet touch the ground.
    • An adjustment has been made to slightly increase the height required for being able to deploy a parachute in order to reduce false positives of the parachute opening when jumping at an angled, low height.
    • Note; an additional bug fix is in development to fix certain Operator parachute behavior currently being inconsistent.
  • Heavy Weapon Drop Public Event
    • Heavy Weapon Drops have had their default loot vastly improved,and now include a guaranteed UAV, and a guaranteed Legendary loot item.
  • Fire Sale Public Event
    • The Buy Station Fire Sale discount has been decreased from 80% to 50% for UAV’s.
  • Commendations
    • The Commendations page will now show unearned Commendations to better help players collect them all.

New Rebirth Island Ingredients

  • Weapon Trade Station
    • This feature allows Players to trade their currently equipped Weapon for great commodities such as Armor Satchels, Killstreaks, Cash and much more.
  • Here’s a complete list of Weapon Trade Station opportunities and their respective rewards:
  • Fire Sale Deal
    • Accepts any Weapon and gives great rewards. Players can ONLY DO THIS 1 TIME per Weapon Trade Station.
    • Legendary Rarity Weapon with 2 extra magazines
    • 1 Legendary Field Upgrade OR 1 Legendary Killstreak
    • 1 Self-Revive OR Gas Mask OR Armor Satchel OR Durable Gas Mask (Very Low Drop %)
    • 1 Lethal Equipment OR $500 OR $800
    • 1 Tactical Equipment OR $500 OR $800
  • Legendary/Custom/Ultra/Heroic Rarity Weapon
    • Rare Rarity Gun with 2 extra magazines
    • Legendary Killstreak
    • 1 Legendary Field Upgrade OR Specialist Token (Very Low Drop %)
    • $800 OR $1200
    • 1 Lethal Equipment OR Tactical Equipment
  • Epic Rarity Weapon
    • Uncommon Rarity Gun with 2 extra magazines
    • Self-Revive
    • Armor Satchel or Epic Killstreak or Epic Field Upgrade or Legendary Field Upgrade(Very Low Drop 9%)
    • $500 OR $800
  • Rare Rarity Gun/Melee Weapon
    • Common Rarity Gun
    • Gas Mask
    • Rare Field Upgrade OR Armor Satchel OR Munition Box (Very Low Drop 9%)
  • Uncommon Rarity Gun Weapon
    • Common Rarity Gun
    • 1 Lethal Equipment
    • 1 Tactical Equipment
  • Common Rarity Weapon
    • Another randomized Common Rarity Gun
Image via Raven Software on Twitter


Rebirth Reinforced

  • Rebirth Community Challenges
    • All Operators will need to work together to complete four Community Challenges which will each unlock new gameplay elements and provide massive amounts of Player XP:
      • Operators must get a combined 20 billion kills on Rebirth Island to unlock the Weapon Trade Station and earn 25k XP.
      • Operators must trade a combined 190 Million Weapons to the Weapon Trade Station to unlock the Communications Towers and earn 50k XP.
      • Operators must secure a combined 130 Million Payloads on Rebirth Island to unlock the Armored Truck Deployment Public Event and earn 75k XP.
      • Operators must gather a combined $40 Trillion in Blood Money on Rebirth Island to unlock the Golden Vault Mystery and earn 100k XP.
  • Participation Challenges
    • We also have four Participation Challenges!
      • Wipe 3 enemies in Resurgence Solos on Rebirth Island.
      • Trade 30 Legendary Weapons to the Weapon Trade Station on Rebirth Island.
      • Push or halt the Payload for a total of 20 minutes on Rebirth Island.
      • Gather $5 Million in Blood Money on Rebirth Island.
  • Rewards
    • Seven cosmetic rewards will be available with this event.
    • Each Participation Challenge will have its own unique reward.
    • Winning 25 Resurgence matches will unlock another reward.
    • There are also 2 mystery rewards to unlock by deciphering secrets on the island…

Mode Adjustments

New Modes

  • Rebirth Payload
    • A 12 vs.12,fast-paced & simplified variant of the Limited-Time Mode with one Payload to push or halt.
  • Rebirth Blood Money
    • It’s time for Plunder fans to drop in to Rebirth Island for a hectic version of a fan favorite mode.
  • Rebirth Resurgence Solos
    • Tired of carrying all your friends to victory in other Resurgence modes? Now you can drop in solo!
    • In Resurgence Solos,you start the match with a free Redeploy.On death,this Redeploy will be used up and will requireyou to stay alive for a short time period to earn another one.

Mode Adjustments

  • New Public Events(Rebirth Island-All Modes)
    • Armored Truck Deployment
      • Rebirth Reinforced introduces the Armored Truck Deployment event that drops lethal vehicles into the Warzone.
    • Vanguard Events
      • Rebirth now also supports the Vanguard Public Events such as Weapon Drop,Cash Drop.and Restock.
    • Juggernaut Armor Drops
      • These drops will be very rare so don’t miss out on capturing them!
  • Rebirth Resurgence
    • Following feedback from the community,all Players drop with the same Weapon on spawn & respawn and the Weapon will change with each circle.
    • Players will spawn with Weapons from Vanguard,Cold War, and Modern Warfare.
    • Added an icon to clarify when spawn protection is active.
    • Resurgence now has custom voice overs.
    • Re-balanced the quantity of contract types to make Top Secret and Supply Drop contracts more scarce
    • Free Loadout Drop will now drop approximately 50 meters closer to a squad to improve accessibility.

Battle Royale Adjustments

  • Battle Royale
    • After two seasons of Vanguard Royale being in regular playlist rotation, and listening to your feedback, we are starting to merge the two Battle Royale experiences into one.We have been really happy with the reception to Vanguard Royale, and as we have listened,watched,and enjoyed all the conversations about the two Battle Royale modes,it’s now time to take the best bits from each and create the definitive Battle Royale experience,starting at launch and with further updates happening during the in-season and the seasons ahead.
    • Launch
      • Gameplay
      • Default core health is now at 150 (up from 100).
    • Loot
      • Dead Silence will remain as Legendary ground loot.
    • Season Ahead
      • Contracts
        • All Vanguard Royale Contracts will be integrated;
          • Big Game Bounty
          • Top Secret
          • Supply Drop
      • Public Events
        • All Vanguard Royale Public Events will be integrated into the event pool;
          • Cash Drops
          • Heavy Weapon Drops
          • Resurgence
          • Restock
  • As always we will continue to monitor and listen to feedback, as well as communicate any experiments that we plan to carry out during the in-season to further refine Battle Royale.

Map Adjustments

  • Rebirth Island Adjustments
    • Overall Updates
      • We’ve increased the amount of loot in less visited areas to encourage players to explore the island.
      • We’ve added plenty of cover in hotspots where players usually get killed to give them a chance to fight back.
    • New Features
      • Enviornmental improvements
      • A new skybox – We’re still delivering the bright and sunny afternoon sky that is beloved by the community, but with a few twists:Drastic sun orientation update to change the shapes of the shadows throughout the map,and also added stormy/dramatic clouds on the horizon.
      • New lighting & atmosphere – We’ve doubled down on the bright and vibrant color treatment globally, and also updated the atmospheric fog to match the new skybox.
      • New signage & murals.
      • Redeploy Balloons have arrived on Rebirth but with a few twists: destroyed by default,less health, and between 0-4 balloons active at the same time.
      • Gulag Revamp: The mid-section of the Gulag has been modified to create more exciting engagements for Iron Trials.

New POIs:

UI/UX Update

All Platforms

  • A Ukrainian Flag Calling Card has been added to both Warzone and Modern Warfare.This FREE Calling Card is now in your inventory. Equip in the Barracks tab,under Customization.
  • Mouse scrolling speed in the Store has been reduced for more comfortable navigation.
  • Improved gamepad navigation in the Options menu in tabs that contain sub-tabs.
  • Improved mouse & keyboard navigation in the Mastery Challenges menu.
  • Players can now equip their Vanguard Clan Emblems and Calling Card Frame rewards.


  • Players will now be able to see the world storytelling shown on the new front end screen that was previously exclusive only to console players.
  • The Update Requires Restart pop-up will now restart your client automatically after 5 seconds.
  • Added a button to Leave Squad Party in the Play tab when in a Party.
  • The Airplane Sensitivity Multiplier has been split into:
    • Helicopter Sensitivity Multiplier which only applies to the Heli.
    • Airplane Basic Sensitivity Multiplier which only applies to the Bomber and Fighter planes with Advanced Controls disabled.
    • Airplane Advanced Sensitivity Multiplier which only applies to the Fighter with Advanced Controls enabled.

New Weapon

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Weapon Adjustments

Attachment Adjustments

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the FerroFluid Blueprint was unable to be equipped in-game.
  • Fixed an issue where Pings would appear inconsistent around Redeploy Balloons.
  • Fixed an issue where Polina’sCloaked for Combat skin would appear with the incorrect head model.
  • Fixed an issue where the Armored Strength Blueprint was unable to equip the 9mm 60 Round Drums attachment.
  • Fixed an issue where the Season Two ChallengeGet pistol double kills would not track.
  • Fixed an issue where the Portable Decontamination Station would break after being placed when the circle has closed.
  • Fixed an issue where Xbox users with their Multiplayer privileges set to Block are able to join another Player’s party.
  • Fixed an issue where the Deployable Cover FIeld Upgrade could be used to access areas outside of the map.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the Quick Inventory to not display the selected item as prominently as intended.

Download Size

The Season Two update will have a download size of approximately 9.0 GB for those who own the free-to-play console version of Warzone and are currently on the latest updates.
Warzone Update Sizes

PlayStation 5: 8.9 GB
PlayStation 4: 8.9 GB
Xbox SeriesX/S: 9.0 GB
Xbox One: 9.0 GB
PC: 7.1 GB(Warzone Only) / 12.4 GB (Warzone and Modern Warfare)

Note: PC users will also need 17.4 GB of additional space on their hard drive for the patch copying process; this is only temporary space that is reclaimed upon completion of the patch installation and is not an additional download.
Remember, the Vanguard download is not necessary if you are only playing Warzone, and vice versa. Furthermore, for smaller overall file size, Players can choose to uninstall/remove other data packs if they are no longer needed.

Season 2 Reloaded Road Map

Image via Activision Publishing Inc.

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