Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 Reloaded: Health Pool Changes, Rebirth Island Map Update, Armaguerra 43 SMG & More

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
By Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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Call of Duty: Warzone season 2 Reloaded update reveals health pool changes, map changes, a new weapon, and more. The new content will arrive in the game with the patch.

Raven Software is coming up with the season 2 reloaded update for Warzone on 23rd March. The update will feature changes for Vanguard and Warzone, respectively. Players will be getting a new weapon, updated quality of life features, health balancing, and more.

Core Battle Royale Health Pool Changes

Raven Software posted a tweet with a poll for the community asking them if a health pool buff was necessary for Warzone. They had rolled the health buff with Vanguard Royale game mode as a testing ground.

With the overwhelming amount of positive response favoring the health pool, Raven Software has decided to increase core Warzone battle royale health to 150HP with season 2 reloaded. The health pool change introduced with Vanguard royale garnered a positive response.

Updated Rebirth Island Map

Rebirth Island has been reworked with three new points of interest. The point interests are Stronghold, Docks and Prison Courtyard. Rebirth Island has been a popular choice amongst players since its launch. The map is smaller than usual battle royale maps and compared to Verdansk.





Prison Courtyard

Prison Courtyard

New Rebirth Island Features

Communication Towers

Communication Towers will be added to the map with the update. Players can pay $1500 to get one ping of a UAV. The towers will be scattered throughout the updated map. This feature will allow players to get one single ping of UAV when they require it without buying a UAV killstreak. It will help players plan their next move in Rebirth Island.

Weapon Trading Station

It functions like a standard buy station. However, instead of cash, players will be able to deposit weapons to gain an item. The rarity of traded weapons will determine which items players will be able to acquire. UI will be similar to that of a buy station.

Portable Buy Stations

Players will be able to drop a Buy Station wherever they wish to. The icon for the portable buy station will be different. However, they might not be available in the game until the end of the season.

These features will be available for players to unlock through a community challenge event. Challenges will be provided to players that will count towards unlocking these features upon completion.

New Weapon: Armaguerra 43

Armaguerra 43 will be the newest addition to the weapon pool of Call of Duty: Vanguard. It is described to have the fastest fire rate in the SMG category without any attachments. The weapon will arrive in the game sometime after the season 2 reloaded update.

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Quality of Life Updates

Several quality of life updates will be introduced to the game with the update. These will help players get a better experience in the game with all the features and items involved.

  • Players can drop the gas mask.
  • Dropped Armor Satchels show how many plates it has.
  • Players can pick up Armor Plates from satchels even if they already have a satchel.
  • Improvements to parachuting.
  • and more.

Season 2 Reloaded Complete Road Map

The updated roadmap suggests the update will arrive for Vanguard first and then for Warzone. The update will feature a new mode, a new map, new vehicles, ranked play division, and rewards.

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Season 2 Reloaded Release Dates With Time Zones

The update will arrive in the following times:

• Vanguard Update March 22 at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 4pm UK

• Warzone Update March 23 at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 4pm UK

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