Call of Duty: Warzone Fortune’s Keep Wine Bottle Vault Easter Egg

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
By Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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Warzone’s brand new map, Fortune’s Keep, features a wine bottle vault easter egg. Here’s how you can unlock it.

Warzone players received their new tropical hideaway island, Fortune’s Keep, as a part of the Season 4 update. The new map brings a new playing ground with new game mechanics and exclusive in-game features. Furthermore, the developers have managed to sneak in many easter eggs for players to discover.

After the treasure easter egg, players can now get their hands on a loot-infested vault on the new map. The new easter egg features a vault that opens with wine bottles. The vault contains high-tier loot players can acquire once they manage to open the vault.

Here’s how you can bust open the vault and get your hands on the elusive loot.

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How to find the Wine Bottle Vault Easter Egg on Fortune’s Keep

  • How to Find the Wine Bottles

The most important part of this easter egg is the wine bottles. You can find the wine bottles in the Terraces POI. The bottles appear on tables, shelves, and plain surfaces on the POI. Be careful as other players will land on the POI looking for the bottles. Moreover, the bottles can be destroyed before they can be picked up.

  • Vault Location
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The vault is located in Keep. Head over to the Keep with wine bottles and place the two bottles on the empty shelf parallel to the dining table.

  • How to Open the Vault

Here’s how you open the vault:

  1. Place the two wine bottles on the empty shelf across the dining table.
  2. The secret door will open, providing access to the loot inside the vault.

It should be noted that players will camp around the dining table to ambush you as soon as you exit the vault. Moreover, Keep is the busiest POI in Fortune’s Keep. Stay aware, as you might have to battle waves of people to open the vault carefully.

  • Vault Loot

The loot inside the vault:

  1. Killstreak (Randomized)
  2. $5000 cash (Guaranteed)
  3. Legendary Skal Crusher
  4. Legendary Combat Shield (VG)
  5. 3 Weapon Blueprints (Randomized)

Going through and opening the vault will be tedious; however, the high-tier loot will provide you an edge over other players in Fortune’s Keep.

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