Call of Duty: Vanguard Shi No Numa Weapon Level Up Guide

Shi No Numa is a great way to level up your Vanguard weapons. Here’s how you can level up your weapons faster by playing Shi No Numa.

Zombies, originally Nazi Zombies, is a game mode created by Treyarch. It first appeared in CoD: World at War and became highly popular upon the game’s release, resulting in returning in future CoD titles.

In Zombies, players face off against zombies of various nationalities depending on the map’s location, including Germans, Americans, Russians, and Asians. Moreover, Zombies’ content is only considered canon in its universe.

After Cold War’s Zombies’ success, it’s no surprise to see Treyarch introducing Vanguard Zombies. Their most recent contribution is the re-imagining of Shi No Numa in Vanguard. The map arrived at Vanguard zombies with the season 4 update.

It turns out Shi No Numa is a haven for weapon grinders. All thanks to a glitch spot in the map where players can easily farm weapon XP and level up their weapons with very little effort. Here’s an in-depth guide on how to level up your weapons in Shi No Numa.

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Shi No Numa Weapon Level Up Guide

Each weapon in Vanguard’s weapon pool has 70 levels players have to grind through. With this glitch spot in Shi No Numa, you can easily rack up XP by completing high rounds without taking any damage from the Zombies.

Here’s what you need to do after getting into the map:

  1. Head over to Shi No Numa’s spawn room.
  2. Save up 2,000 points in the spawn room.
  3. Move down the stairs and head to the Fishing Hut passing the Flogger Trap.
  4. Head over to the Bridge.
  5. Make your way up to the railing of the Bridge.
  6. Go prone on the railing.
  7. Crawl inside one of the posts.
  8. Finally, the Zombies will surround you on the spot but will refrain from attacking you.
  9. Kill them by meleeing them with your gun and keep racking up the kill count.

It is important that you find the Bloodlust Covenant, it will increase your melee damage significantly. Moreover, stay clear of Boomshreiers as they can kill you even when you are in that spot.

The spot is more of a cheese strategy that allows you to reach high rounds of Shi No Numa. However, it is clearly a simple mistake that went unchecked. The glitch spot will most probably get fixed with the next Vanguard patch by Treyarch. So, hop on and get blasting in Shi No Numa to level up your weapons faster.

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