Best Crossbow Loadout for Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 Last Stand Reloaded

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The Crossbow is currently one of the most effective Marksman Rifles derived from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s weapon pool. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to create the best loadout for the Crossbow in Warzone Season 5 Last Stand Reloaded.

The Crossbow is an aggressive Marksman Rifle. It is a single-fire weapon similar to the Combat Bow and R1 Crossbow. This weapon has excellent one-shot potential, making it the perfect pick for Caldera and Fortune’s Keep.

Even though Marksman Rifles were heavily nerfed in Season 3 Classified Arms, the Crossbow was left alone as an “Aggressive” Sniper Rifle. It can one-shot players from any range. Furthermore, it has explosive and poisonous gas bolts that are highly potent in Warzone.

Additionally, the weapon received a massive buff to its bolt velocity at the start of Season 4 Mercenaries of Fortune. On the other hand, most Sniper Rifles received huge nerfs, which increased Crossbow’s pick rate even higher. The weapon is vicious at medium to long-range engagements, making it a versatile option in any given situation.

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How to unlock the Crossbow in CoD Warzone

The Crossbow is originally a part of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s weapon pool and was added to Warzone later on. It is a Marksman rifle, an unlockable weapon available after completing a specific challenge. Here’s the challenge required to unlock the gun:

In Modern Warfare:

Using a Marksman Rifle with a Reflex Optic, get 5 Kills in 25 different matches.

In Warzone:

Using a Marksman Rifle with a Reflex Optic, get 5 Kills in 25 different matches.

The challenge is relatively hard to complete. Players need to level up a Markman Rifle to a certain level to unlock the Reflex Optic. Furthermore, they need to complete a match to track the challenge properly.

Best Crossbow Loadout

  • Cable: 28-Strand Cable
  • Bolt: Explosive Bolts
  • Optic: Variable Zoom Scope
  • Perk: Sleight of Hand
  • Laser: Tac Laser
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Anyone familiar with the Crossbow should know how robust the 28-Strand Cable is. It makes the weapon more viable in long-range gunfights with additional velocity. The only downside of using the 28-Strand Cable is the decreased walking speed while aiming and reduced A.D.S. (aim down sight) speed.

Likewise, the Explosive Bolts is the bolt to go for the Crossbow. It will significantly increase damage range, bolt velocity, recoil control, and explosive after effect. However, the only negative side is the reduced aim down sight speed and movement speed that will be negated later with other attachments.

The tac laser comes in clutch with this loadout, providing increased A.D.S. speed and stability while walking. Using a tac laser might sound like a bad idea to many players; still, it is worth the shot. It compensates for the lost A.D.S. speed on the other significant attachments.

Additionally, the Variable Zoom scope is a signature optic for Crossbow. It keeps everything in the loadout together, bringing out the more powerful side of this marksman rifle.

Finally, Sleight of Hand is an immaculate perk for the Crossbow. It makes the weapon’s reloading time faster. Moreover, the perk is a must for this loadout, as the Crossbow needs reloading after firing each bolt.

Best Equipment and Perks for Crossbow Loadout

  • Secondary: Marco 5 (Vanguard) or NZ-41 (Vanguard)
  • Tactical: Stim (Modern Warfare), or Heartbeat Sensor (Modern Warfare)
  • Lethal: Throwing knives (Modern Warfare), or Claymore (Modern Warfare)
  • Perk – 1: Quick Fix, or E.O.D
  • Perk – 2: Overkill
  • Perk – 3: Amped, or Combat Scout
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Quick Fix is the ideal perk for players constantly engaging in gunfights, enabling health regeneration when an enemy is killed. Opting for E.O.D. is also feasible to take less damage from non-killstreak explosives and fire.

Overkill as the second perk is a must, as players can carry an extra primary weapon in the secondary slot. Pairing Marco 5 or NZ-41 with this Marksman Rifle will make the loadout more potent, and the secondary will help cover every gunfight easily.

To swap between the weapons faster, Amped is the go-to option. Faster switching between weapons will help in getting an edge over other players. On the other hand, Combat scout is also helpful because it can briefly highlight the whole team when an enemy player is shot.

As for tactical, stim gives an instant health regeneration upon use. The Heartbeat sensor can help track other players roaming nearby and plan the next gunfight strategy. Throwing knives as lethal can be a backup in a close gunfight. It has a one-hit-kill potential on players with a minimal level of armor.

Moreover, immediately throwing a knife will eliminate the player regardless of the range it’s thrown from after downing a player. However, Claymore can be used instead of throwing knives to watch flank when stationary.

Claymore (Modern Warfare)

All the latest Crossbow Buffs and Nerfs

The Crossbow was significantly buffed with the Season 4 update. It falls under the “Aggressive Sniper” category now.

Weapon Adjustments

Crossbow (M.W.)

  • Bolt Velocity increased by 27.2%

Other Alternatives to the Crossbow in the Current Meta

Other alternatives to the Crossbow are Cooper Carbine (Hybrid AR), NZ-41 (A.R.), and MP40 (S.M.G.). These are the most robust guns in Warzone Season 5 Last Stand Reloaded’s current meta. Check out our Cooper Carbine, NZ-41, and MP40 loadout guide for more information.

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